BFFantasia #200 !!!!!!!!

This week BFF celebrates our 200th episode with an annual group recording Alison Weekender! Lisa and Rafael are joined by Super Fan Meghan, TS, Paul, Ray, Laure and Sandra to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Lindsay DeFranco Is Happier” & ” Jordan’s Working Space, Daniel’s Nose Hairs, Mickey Mouse Shorts”
We talk Internet Meetups, Self Lovin’, Obsessive Share Culture, Chodes, Grundles, Taints, Gooches, Gunts and FUPAS!

PLUS we do SHOUT OUTS and an extensive Chat Snack with Patreon Carb submissions (Apologies for the chewing)
ALSO we get LK’s Childish Chat!!
Special Thank You To Dr. Jenn, Stacie and Joanna for hanging out!
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