Rough Rider #184

This week we divided and conquered the @ARIYNBF episodes. First, Lisa “Loonie” Lawrie is joined by Toby “Toonie” Milton to discuss the Monday Show “Sabrina Jaleel Is Fully Herself”. Next Lisa, Rafael “Limon Fever” & “VaNine mm Gina” Meghan are in the shed to discuss the Thursday Show “Greg Heller’s News, Joe Kwaczala’s Beard, JMOES”
We talk Creep Meet, Friending Yourself, Swissconsin Coming Out Crazy, Resonating Lyrics, Revisiting Beaver Nuggs, Truck Stoppin’, Hall Of Shame, Kara Okay, Mud Boggin’ Blippie, Truth Hurst Burping, FaveMoes, Shout Outs and A Lauren Kelly Chat Snack!
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