Die,Cry,Hate #150!!!!!

The BFF celebrates our 150th episode with a group recording in Orange, California!
Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBffs) and Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) are joined in Discount Dining Room Studios by Dr. Jenn (@DulceCa17), “Scott” Marquez (@WatchTower96), Ray Morgan (@RayMorganIII), James Leroy Wilson (@JamesLWilson), Paul (@PaulE1138) Tryce (@TSDCX), Joanna (@Joanna_Bowman49) and Becki (@Rajenki) to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Sara Schaffer Has Discovered The Secret To Productivity” & “Owen’s Birth Story, 2 Non Flans, Candy Cousins” PLUS Childish Episode #17 “The Most Intense Sex We Ever Had”
We dive in to the Vans box for fun topics like~ Wasting Away On Social Media, Quoting Inspiration, Sneakers, Squirters, Rap Notoriously Sucks The B.I.G. One, Sexual Lactation, Thrift Store Pride, Snotty Vaginas, Shout Outs and an Alison Themed Chat Snack!
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