Boob Titz #120

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFS) & Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) welcome Kelly “4 Bagger” Lundquist (@SatchelsofGold) and Dan Bublitz (@DanBublitzJr) to the show to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Sarah Schaffer Is Sick Of Social Media” & “Alison’s Eyebrow, Daniel’s Shame Face, Eating Songbirds”

We talk Fame Desire, Hyper Sensitivity, Being Down With O.P.P, Bark WIlliams, Leash Laws, Fart Duel Dreams, Rectally Challenged, Raffi’s Shameful Fart Childhood, The Infamous Fred Hearst, Period Biscuit Love, Karma or Kraema, Broccoli Rage and Nerds!

Check out Dan’s One Man Show “It Was Supposed to Be A Love Story” at and Dan’s two podcasts~ The Art Of Bombing and My Father’s Records!

****I ran out of time to add Colonel’s Kernels this week, so I will double up next week!

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