“CIRQUEL JERKS” Episode 27

Double your pleasure with this week’s extended episode! Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFS) is joined by Ultra Fan Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) and Cirque Du Soleil Buff Toby Milton (@TMilt) To Discuss Two Weeks Of @ARIYNBF!
First We Had A Special Guest Appearance By Super Fan Meghan Parkansky (@Zenerapark)! She Brought A “Super” vs. “Ultra” Fan Smack Down To Find Out Whose Bad Habits Are Worse!
Then We Talk About EVERYTHING From Jeannette Rizzi’s (@JeannetteRizzi) One Woman Show Blindsided (with another special guest appearance by One Super Fan), Using Humor To Get Through Traumas, Alison’s Emotions, Is Jensen Karp A Good Fit, Nutritionists, Moving Babies, CwahhhSsant, Greg Fitzsimmons (@GregFitzShow) returns, No Names, Too Much Double Anal, Sensitive People, Registered Dietitians, Jensen Karp Is Growing On Us, Halloween Tomfoolery, Poutine Vasarpu, Le Cirque and Taco Hell!