Sunday FunghiDay

This week, Lisa is joined in person by Super Fan Meghan, Jess and Joanna to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, Is Alison Becoming A Furry” & “Gigachads, Canada’s Big Apple, Revolting Fantasies”

We talk Nip Tassles (OF COURSE), No Doubt Connections, The Callers, Mushrooming, Trojan Horse Of Carbs, Scabies Baybeee, Baby Bok Choy Baybeeeee, Calling All Cowardly Lesbians, Covid Free Sister Hood, Walking In The Right Dimensions, Tonys Moving Fast, Sad Trippin’, Prank Shows, Windy Ears, Impromptu Psychedelic Chat Snack and Shout Outs!

N Joy