We’ve Göt Büsh

This Week Lisa “Lüber” Lawrie and Rafael “Cüstard Büns” Castañeda are joined by “Möist Cöast” Jenn and Luke “Zübr Cräck” Chastain to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Jenny Mollen Returns!” & “Jordan’s Canadian Girlfriend, Robin’s Summer Sweater, Jeff’s Horse Bite” 

We talk Fearbook Quotes, Death of Twitter, Weird G Games, Thumping Daily, Covid Nihilism, Beam Me Up Boners, Over-customizing Clothes, White Chocolate Pride, Kissin’ Crushes, Any Old Gal’s “Fun” Facts, 80s Sex, Shroomin’, Buttered Beds, EC Jenn’s LOVE of Alison Discussing Daniel’s Hair, BFF Hotline Calls, Unworthy w/ Dr. J n’ LK, Whitney C’s Q’s, FaveMOE’s and Shout Outs!