Muffy Buffy N’ Squee

This week Tryce guest hosts and is joined by Super Fan Meghan and Fan Lisa to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Cole Imperi (Encore)” & “Robin Takes Nantucket, Joel Drinks w/Rupert Murdock, Alison is Sad”

They talk about Alison’s loss, Tik Tok Fad Foods, Colonel Jeffness, Ferocious Cream Pies, Nanfucket Nicknames, Shout Outs and Too Much Behind The Scenes Talk! Enjoy

Booze, Tattoos, n’ New Jews

This week Lisa, Tryce, Lauren and Rafael are back baybeeeee to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes ~ “RJ City is Back Again” & “Jackie’s Change Of Heart, Lizzy’s Pants Mishaps, Lizard Gizzard Wizards”

Tryce is avoiding his inevitable new bestie, Raf is swimming in advice, LK throws nuts like a pro and Lisa should break up with everyone! There’s also plenty of RJ, Alison, Jackie, Lizzy and Jeff talk!

Lean Beef

Lisa and the Milkman are on the scene, bringing you the wacky morning zooooo! We have cow jokes.

We talk tattoos, doctors, whether or not you want to hang with your nieghbors, Grateful Dead, and Lisa’s constant unvitations. Plus: various slanders.

Also! We discuss the Monday episode (Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, The Neighbor Club)) & Thursday episode (Tony’s Faux Hawk, Wendy’s Epitaph Pranks, And Twins!)

Looking A L’il Merle

This week Lisa and Dr. Angela are in person and doing a double! 
“Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, New Merch, Buttholes:The Exhibit!”
“Alison’s Sex Work, Wendy’s Chocolate Fountain, Jordan’s Sock Reveal”
“Steven Weber”
“Mimes, Clowns, Boob Snoods”

They talk New Merch, Mysterious Murder Dinners, Shades of Gray, Flaming Fancy Desserts, Avoiding The Noid, Weinerdude Attitudes, Terrible Pant Lengths, Semi-Hard Rockin’ Cafe, Being Sensory Deprived, Miss Understood, Clown School Reunions, Shout Outs and FaveMOEs!