The Buck Stopped Here

“Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Psychopath Employers)” & “Jorts, Jawns, Chicago’s Little Lady” This week Lisa and Tryce discuss Feeling Heartbreak, Phone Ă‘ellos, Affairs To Remember, Terrible Bosses, Dark Thoughts, Stage Panties, Urine Life Lessons, Long Jawn Johns, Tell Tale Farts, Shout Outs and FaveMOE

Where are they getting the foreskin?

The lower-case B team (Leeann, Meghan & Tryce) discusses the Monday show with Jennifer Romolini, and the Thursday ep with Jackie J and Todd Cooper.


Totally voluntary input from Dr. J;

Meghan has a penis talk update and Showbiz talk from a Hollywood busy type; 

We try to figure out what evangelical means, and also ponder foreskin-related beauty products; 

Meghan had a terrible celebrity interaction, and there is goss (50:32);

Tryce criticizes and then makes partial amends with the other, lesser TS (Taylor Swift);

Concerts, concerts concerts!

Producer’s note: We have been behind schedule, we appreciate your patience!  More Lisa next episode.