Dairy Girls

The Critics Assocation (Tryce, Leeann & Superfan Meghan) are here to discuss the Monday episode (Alison & Tod) and the Thursday show featuring Emily Fleming, the return of Niccole Thurman.

Also: Meghan made cheese!  Leeann’s secret personal life, revealed.  Stealing from work, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Beef Dunkies research and more.

Wayward Home for Boys

Reflecting on the annual BFFancast weekend! A heart to heart about matters of the heart! Robin appreciation! Dick Taters, getting into bed with your friends (literally) and more!

Plus, Lisa & Tryce discuss Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend.

As mentioned in the episode:

Psychology Today therapist search:


Menty BFF 8th Anniversary

It’s The 8th Anniversary Group Record Alison Weekender Special! 

Lisa is joined by Rafael, Lauren, Tryce, Scott, Paul, Dr. Jenn, Dr. Angela, Adrian, Ray, Super Fan Meghan, Jess, Whitney and Matt to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Laurel Bristow” & “Emily Fleming’s Brass Knuckles, Jordan Morris’s Food Fears, Daniela’s Zagat Rating”

We talk Alison, Do a live and in person Whitney C’s Q, BFF Hotline Calls, Shout Outs, Lots of Drinking and derailments plus a Loosey Goosey  Chat Snack at the very end!  Enjoy, won’t you?