Latch Key Skids

This week, Lisa is joined IN PERSON by Dr. Jenn, Dr. Angela, Dr. Joanna and Dr. Super Fan Meghan to discuss the @ARIYNBFepisodes ~ “Dave Hill Is Back” & “Bolo Ties, A Fungus Among Us, Happy Halloween!”

We talk Toast Tents Mother Fuckers, Good Decisions, Dawn Weiner, Apple Cider Triple D, Random Molars, Fun Guys, Ringworm Sisters, Poop Burgers, Enjoyable Textures, Getting Validated, Old People Candies,Public School Behavior, Chat Snack,Shout Outs and Halloweinie Plans! PLUS A SUPER SPECIAL SPOOKY INTRO BY TRYCE… ENJOY!!

Udderly Terrific

Tryce, Superfan Meghan and special *guest* Lisa discuss the issues of the day!
Carb call-outs! Bathroom talk (literal)!  Empty Nest, license plates, and more!  
Also!  We confuse Keith David and David Keith for a LONG time and never explain during the show!  All this and more, brought to you by The C-Team (derogatory).

Pööp Shööt

This Week Lisa “Butthole Doodler” is joined by Jenn “Wet n’ Wild” & Luke “Team Murken” to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Mark Armstrong” & ” Audience Pops, One-Star Reviews, Alison Names The Planets”

We talk Being Young n’ Sloppy, Book Club Snoozin’, Polite Dangerous Seattleites, Sleeping Through Alarms, Mediocre Carbs, Wrestler Excitement, Moms Planet Noodle, Dessert Ruining Dinner, Poop Vaccums, QuiZzzz, Shout Outs, FaveMOE’s, Unworthy, Whitney C’s Q’s and tons of random Shit n’ Urban Dictionary Rabbit Holes…ENJOY!

Michelin Brown Star

We discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes ~ “Jim Florentine” & “So Much Snoring, Tony’s New Gal Palm B-Hole Hues”

They talk Masterbatin, Crank Yankin, Colorful A-Holes, Rim Jobs, Dogs R’ Dogs, Too Much Love, Congrats To The Happy Couple, Catchin’ Up, BFF Hotline Calls, Shout Outs snd so much more!