What do you think of the heteros?

The B* Team is here, and taking exactly one prisoner!

Superfan Meghan joins Leeann and Tryce, and there is big news, afoot.

Chapter I  00:00

Shout outs, Meghan has a big announcement (please see http://www.moxsky.com ), we complain about the Monday episode (Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Gossip Muffins!)) and discuss the B**o B*ys and what their deal is.

Chapter II  37:00

Do people really like hiking, or is it a lie? Covid chat, and what we are secretly dumb about.

Chapter III  01:13:20

We discuss the Thursday show (Paul Rust’s Sudden Basement, Wholesome Sass, Hot Broccoli for Your Feet),  Meghan’s love for Don’t Stop or We’ll Die, a critique of A**m C***lla, warm broccoli on your foot alternatives, cheugy fashion (w/ a text from Dr. Jenn), & mixed Trappdog feelings.  Also, what’s up with dudes paying for dates?

Chapter IV  01:50:07

Leeann’s big announcement, Meghan’s WLW perspective on paying for things on dates, feat. Jess, her betrothed.  Tryce tries to be sexist on purpose but is sexist by accident, JMOEs feat. another text from Dr. J.