We’ve Göt Büsh

This Week Lisa “Lüber” Lawrie and Rafael “Cüstard Büns” Castañeda are joined by “Möist Cöast” Jenn and Luke “Zübr Cräck” Chastain to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Jenny Mollen Returns!” & “Jordan’s Canadian Girlfriend, Robin’s Summer Sweater, Jeff’s Horse Bite” 

We talk Fearbook Quotes, Death of Twitter, Weird G Games, Thumping Daily, Covid Nihilism, Beam Me Up Boners, Over-customizing Clothes, White Chocolate Pride, Kissin’ Crushes, Any Old Gal’s “Fun” Facts, 80s Sex, Shroomin’, Buttered Beds, EC Jenn’s LOVE of Alison Discussing Daniel’s Hair, BFF Hotline Calls, Unworthy w/ Dr. J n’ LK, Whitney C’s Q’s, FaveMOE’s and Shout Outs!

Letters and SwinGers

The B team is Back, Besties.  Dr. J, Leeann & Tryce are dropping truth bombs.  The following elements are contained within: 
Call outs!  Cleaning house (literal)!  Chaos! Cancellation!  Huffing! Being a hero!  Plus, ~The Letter~ from the Thursday show, Soft Swingers and more.  
Tryce’s Pod Recs: -Just Between Us episode (6/8/22 “Good News with Upworthy’s Alison Rosen, Not Feeling Heard and Gabby’s Hatred of Comedy”, feat. Alison Rosen) & -On the Media episode (6/2/22 “How the Media Failed Amber Heard”, feat. Michael Hobbes)


This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael Castañeda are joined by first timer, Adrienne to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes ~ “The Hesitant Return of Shane Dawson” & “Paul F. Tomkins Arrest, Alison’s Disastrous Desk, Is Peak TV Over?”
We talk June Gloom, Uncancelling Cancellations, Outside Validation, Devil GroundDog Day, Totally Not But Definitely Slightly A Hoarder, Arresting Stories, Peanut Butter Puh-Lease, FaveMOEs, Shout Outs, Unworthy and Whitney C’s Q’s!

Ship High In Transit

This week Lisa “Chubby Skanker” Lawrie and Rafael “Skaflaw” Castañeda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes ~ “Nick Wiger” & “Tony’s Rage, Wendy’s Waggle, Daniel’s Parenting Fail”
We talk It’s Not Covid but It Probably Totally Is, Wigers Second Solo Performance, Where we measure on the SkAville Skale, Anal Reaping, Backstage pASS, AssparaGuessin, Book Em Guru, Shout Outs and a very special Childworthy with LK!