Hero Cats

This week, Lisa Lawrie and Rafael Castañeda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~”Mike Sacks” & “Renee’s New Job, David’s Clothing Almanac, Daniel’s Dark Sex Cult”

They catch up on The Haps in their lives and talk Left Leaning Right Weiners, Bad Parents, Hating Stupid Shit, Fit For Journaling, Cats Rule, Pi Don’t Care, Ranking Good n’ Evil, Past Livin’, Doing Fun Shit, Shout Outs AND Unworthy w/ Dr. J n’ LK!

Giggle Juice ‘n Piss Freaks

This Week, Lisa Lawrie and Rafael Castañeda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Priyanka Wali” & “Wiger’s Toothsome Eggs, Mitch’s 28 to 30 Days Later, Sleep Paralysis”
We talk Coke Dealin’, Missing R’s, Sweetin Low Down, Nice Tips, Love n Doughboys, Ghostly Kitchens, Butt Schedules, Backyard Deviled Eggs, Pedros, Shout Outs, Catching Up, Unworthy and LOTS of giggling!

Cult of Alison

It’s The 7 Year Anniversary BFF Alison Weekender Group Recording!!Lisa’s Backyard is Brimming with Folks…Rafael, Lauren, Tryce, Joanna, Dr. Angela, Super Fan Meghan, Jess, Sandra and Ray with guest appearances by Whitney C, Dr. J  n’ LK!
We discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson” & “Tod Perry’s Tortoises, Robin Shorr’s High School Diary, Tony’s Immediate Shower”
We do a round robin at random of topics, BFF Hotline call ins, Call Outs n’ texts, Super EXCITING Cameos, Shout Outs, Whitney C’s Q’s, Unworthy, Chat Snack and SO MUCH MORE!