Cream Betweens LOL

This week Lisa and Rafael discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Jenny Pentland” & “Scotty Landed is in Tahiti, Kurt Braunohler Doesn’t Care Anymore, Violent Stretching”
We talk Troubled Childhoods! Overcoming Trauma! Failed Book Clubs! Best Places To Be Stranded! Inner Circle Behaviors! Jelly Bellyaching! Bahahahahah Explained! Talking To The Dead! BFF Hotline Calls! Unworthy! FaveMOES! Call Outs AND SHOUT OUTS! Plus TOO MUCH MORE! ENJOY!!!!!

Hoagie Happenstance

This week Lisa and Rafael discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Daniel’s Announcement)” & “Robin’s Hallmark Movie, Jordan’s Goth Vampire Giantess, Podcast Bosses”
We talk Christmas Card Etiquette, Robin’ Tony, Xmas Songs, Watching Hour, Carb Dedications, Jeffs Expertise, Got No Cult Game, Jimmy Is Sweet On You, Cheenage Chadeup Changuages, TV Talkin, Shout Outs, Whitney C’s Q’s & Unworthy w/Dr. J n LK…ENJOY!!

Stuck At 99.9

This week, Lisa Lawrie and Rafael CastaƱeda are joined by Lauren Kelly to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls Plus Greg Heller)” & “Dave Grohl’s Train Podcast, Wendy’s Garfield NFT, Happy New Year!”
We talk about how we celebrated the New Year, Review the Calls, Deciphering NFTs, iTunes Comments, Resolutions Past n Present, Shout Outs, Unworthy with Dr J n LK plus so much more! 
*******Super embarrassed about the audio…apologies and thank you