Ping No Pong

This week Old Nippy went solo to discuss the ARIYNBF episodes~ “Pete Holmes Is Back!” & “Nick Wiger’s Jogging Emergency, Gabrus’s Camping Trip, Alison’s Step Count”
From going deep in to Pete Holmes to Sneaky l’il Poops plus Shout Outs, Call Outs, Whitney C’s Q’s and so much more…or less! 

902 Wino

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Doree Shafrir” & “Tim Kalpakis’s Sitting Desk, Jackie Johnson’s Insomnia, Is Squid Game Scary?
We talk Challenges in Podcasting, Sad Boys, MCMs, Fourth Beast, Tik Talk, Overrated Underrating, Shout Outs and FaveMOES!