Pee Holes to B-Holes

This week Lisa and Rafael are joined by Tryce to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Plus Your Calls & Thong Talk)” & “Alison’s Overshare, Helen Hong’s Hairlessness, Jackie Johnson’s Manifestation” 
We talk Satin Boners, Humps, Cheeks, Anal Bait, Butthole Connect 4, Checking Bungholes, Mufferzones, Butt Curious, Whale Tails, Being Buttwise, Defining Sex, Best Lube, Anal FOMO, Deep Diving Thongs and FaveMOEs PLUS we do Whitney C’s Q’s!

Buy Once, Cry Once

This week BFF celebrates our 6th Anniversary with an annual group recording! This year was unique to say the least but we were able to get a great group together to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Laraine Newman” & “Jeff’s Hockey Sticks, Jenna and Al’s Laundry Mountain, Thonggate” 
Lisa Lawrie and Rafael Castañeda are joined by Joanna Bowman, Dr. Jenn, Lauren Kelly, Super Fan Meghan, Tryce, Ray Morgan, Lee Bruns, Whitney C, Matt, Toby Milton, Luke Chastain, Demian Cordova, Leeann Ward, Tim Ortez and Scott Marquez!
We pull random questions out of Lisa’s Vans bag, do a round of ARIYNBFMK, Our FavMoes AND a “Live” LK’s Childish Chat!
This episode is dedicated to the memory of “Extraordinary Fan” Becki McClure and Chloe Parkansky