Kelly Lundquist TY4BF #10

On this special “Thank You For Being A Fan” edition of the BFF, we welcome Kelly Lundquist!
We get to learn more about this San Diegan turned reluctant Iowan from watching the corn grow to being an iced out carb Queen. She tells us her Alison origin story including her take on old Thursday show quirks and her heartwarming Alison related birth story PLUS we pop a San Diego AND Iowa Quiz on her to find out where she really belongs! 
Follow her @SatchelofGold on Twitter and @Kemarlu on Instagram


On this special celebratory episode, Lisa Lawrie & Rafael Castañeda are two nit wits in a car discussing the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Bob Saget Is Back” & “Alison’s Shower Squeegee, Kurt Braunoler’s Tooth Tapping, Scotty Landis’s Postcards”
We discuss  Zoom with Benefits, OTHER Vaseline Uses, Breasticles, Chapulinas, Background Noise, Halloweenies, Banana Club, FaveMoes, Shout Outs, Call Outs, Check Our BFF Hotline and we do our fun segment Whitney C’s Q’s!