Whitney Chandler TY4BF #7

On this special “Thank You For Being A Fan” edition of the BFF, we welcome Whitney Chandler to the show! We talk about everything from music and sky diving to surviving quarantine! Whitney shares her Alison origin story in a fun new way by giving us a quiz! PLUS the Question Queen is challenged to a Question Off! 

BFF – Renee Colvert

On this very special bonus episode,  Lisa Lawrie  & Rafael “Tequila Kiddo” Castaneda our joined this week for the very first “ARIYNBF Players” Edition of the BFF by none other than Renee Colvert!!!!
We discuss Renee’s Alison Rosen Origin Story, Surviving Quarantine, The Magic Castle, Beverages of Choice, Landing In California and We Play Raffi’s Renee Quiz!!
PLUS We Plan Many MANY Future Renee Field Trips! Listen to Renee on Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast and of course, ARIYNBF!
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TY4BF #6 Super Fan Giovanni

On this special edition of the BFF, we welcome Adam Carolla Super Fan,  Giovanni to the show! We dive in to his interesting life, find out juicy behind the scenes Carolla details and hear his Alison Rosen origin story!
Please check out all things Giovanni at these links!
https://www.youtube.com/c/TheLoveBetweenTheTwoHosts – LoveLine ‘The Love Between The Two Hosts’ Official Youtube Channelhttps://www.podcastone.com/carolla-classics – Carolla Classics on Podcastonehttp://superfangiovanni.com/ – Home of Get It On the GIOPodcast (Classic LoveLine)
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Spare A Square

This week Lisa and Rafael are joined by Leeann and Whitney to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Alison and Daniel Plus Your Calls and A Canadian Plea” & “Jordan’s Neighbor, Joe’s Girlfriend’s Groceries, Alison’s Taste Buds”
We Talk, Eating On The Pot, Baby Name Game, How We Are Coping, Carb Assault, Less Negs/More Pos, Chat Buffs, Butt Abuse, Fave Moe’s, LK’s Childish Chat and SHOUT OUTS!
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