AccidAnal #195

In an effort to get this out ASAP,  Lisa recorded this short, sweet and solo. She discussed the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Joel Stein Owns Salmon Pants” & “Wendy’s 14 Hour VHS Special, Dave’s Canada Trip, An Impromptu Spelling Test” 
Topics include- Multiple BFFs, Embracing Opposing Opinions, Potato Power Potential, Realistic Water Breakin, Societal Changes, Old Fashion Statements, Guess Who’s Faking, JMOE chatter, Mensies, Shout Outs and LK’s Childish Chat!! 
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May Day! #194

This week Lisa “Sweets Guy” Lawrie and Rafael “Lights Out” Castaneda meet up in Fullerton CA to NOT go to Tiny Stills but to sit in a car after having a few too many and record a conversation about the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Adam Ferrara Is Changing” & ” Kevin’s Maisel Trip, Jackie Quiz, Alison’s Palindromes”

We have a PLETHORA of SHOUT OUTS and we revisit the previous week a bit, also we talk Pain & Suffering, Tea-John Rage, Vampire Jackie, Marvelous Mr. Porter, Gushing for Alison, California Jerk Off, Tiny Bit Of Packer Hate, Corey Hard On, SF Sketchfest updates, Group Recording Countdown, Rip Van Raffi Strikes Again While Lisa Finishes So…low PLUS LK’s Childish Chat! 
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Hindsight #192

This week “Two Saucy Broads” Lisa and Rafael discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Gareth Reynolds” & “Jenna Kim Jones’s Status, Happy New Year, Another Tone Zone Update”
We talk Termite Chat, MANaise & White Bred TV, Snorting Kokology, Goo Didders, More Tam O Shatner, Fast Fords & Hot Bodies, Seasonal Relationships, Santa & Period Magic, Thick Thighs Savin Lives and Spanx A Lot “AKA” Shout Outs!

Racks Of Life #191

This week Lisa “Black Eyed B’s” Lawrie and Raf “Fiat” Castaneda get distracted once again, sitting in the middle of Old Towne Orange and discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~”Dan Schechter Knows It’s Complicated” & “Egg Nog Snack Chat, Dawn/Don Again, A Question For David”
We talk Patience with Triggers, White Plight, Black Guy Peace, Buns Of Fire, Dawn Of Don, Snackable Content, EggNogstic, Shout Outs and LK’s Childish Chat!
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