Balls Falls #177

This week Lisa “Intervened” Lawrie is joined by Lauren “Honey Roasted” Kelly and Toby “Infection Leader” Milton to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Stephanie Wittels Wachs Is A Doer” & “Greg Heller Fish Quiz, The Ten Minute Rule, The Diaper Bag Story”
On this entry level episode we talk VICations, Turning Tragic, Role Modeling, Correct Labels, Taco turned Sausage Fest, Surprise Funerals, Stephanie’s New Candle Co., #MOREGREG, FaveMOE’s and Shout Outs.
 PLUS THE TOBY QUIZ part 2!!!!!
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Basic Bitches #176

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael “Retrograde” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Erin Gibson Will Make You Love Santa Fe” & “Alison Attends Preschool, Jackie Johnson Is reborn, Party Flaking Etiquette”Basic
We talk Modern Witch-ay Women, Forcing Nicknames, Oversharing, Cool Astrology Vibes, Capri Shorts Rescinded, Gal Gag Chat, Going Solo Fears, Sexy Septum Piercings, Pussy Poppin’, Shout Outs and FaveMOES!
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Champignon #175

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael “Crystal Daddy” Castaneda are joined  by Lauren “Miss Mushroom” Kelly to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes “Erin Foley Is Tired Of Hearing About Ghosts” &” Kevin’s Adult Friendships, Daniel’s Brookies, Alison’s Skype Struggle”
We do a round of Shout Outs, Catch Up On Childish Live, then talk Trapping Topics, Fun Alison Merch, Scared Shitless, Crystals Hoodoo, Food Mixups, Prequels, Go To Snackins, Making Friends PLUS THE LAUREN QUIZ!!!!!!!!
and…HAPPY BIRTHDAY No Bone Tone Zone Hunky TONY the Beast!!!
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Beast Friends #174

This week, Lisa “Like” Lawrie and Rafael “Useless Balls” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Laura London Is Giving It A Year” & “Kevin’s Horny Summer, Renee’s Avocado Shirt, TV Talk”
We talk about our opinion on Tony “Beast” Thaxton, Backwards Dog Culture, Big Moving, Throwing Foods, Romper Stompers, Colorado Love, Camp Stalking, Horny Summers, Fucking Stupid Ass iTunes Comment and LOTS OF SHOUT OUTS! 
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