Schwing #161

This week Lisa “Hola” Lawrie and Rafael “Brown Betty” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Keanu Owes Rachel O’Brien An Email” & “Jeff’s Non-Punk Rock Jobs, Getting Older, SSRIs”
We talk Creep’Ymails, Vander Rump Stools, Small Town Fats, Love Bus, Tickling ASMRs, 5 Hour Extremely Douchie Energy Drinks, DARE To Make Another ARIYNBF Shirt, Jeff’s Irish Goodbyes, Cool Canadian Recaps n’Drops Eh, Alison’s Juicy Beef, Hurting Daniels Ego, Patreon Pushin’, Childish Chat, Shout Outs, Call Outs and NEW Segment “On The Fence”!
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Canada For Dummies #160

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael “Real Burrito” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “David Burtka Is Living A More Authentic Life” & “Canada Calls In, Alison Is Wrong, Daniel Comes Undone”
We talk Party Lifestyles, Jeff’s Newberries, Mistaken Lollipop Etiquette, Going Deep Inside Renee, Daniel’s Code Red, Eric’s Crushin’ It, Comment Fake Out, FuSilly Challenge, Canada Teaches America, ColoRADical Pronouncations, Serenity Now, Scattered Brains, JMOE Confessional, Callouts and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF SHOUT OUTS!¬†
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Solo Sundae #159

Lisa Lawrie gratuitously goes solo again to talk about the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “Lori Gottlieb Doesn’t Bullshit Her Patients” & “Canadian Service Berries, Eric’s Love Life, Getting On Jeopardy”

I talk about all sides of therapy, NextWhore App, Canadian Racists, Newberries, Poutine Curds, More Bickersons, Shout Outs AND The Arrival of JMOE Confessional!

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Tres Leche Takes The Cake #158

This week Lisa Lawrie “Franks A’ Lot”¬† and Rafael “Lyin’ King” Castaneda are joined by Toby “Was Sap” Milton to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Josh Gondelman Did Not Faint During This Podcast” & “Alison Doesn’t Care, Jordan Is Commuting, Renee Digs Windchimes”
We discuss Pep Chalkin’, GorexAphobia, Game Of Phones, Peanut Buddies In A Jam Apps, Gifs That Keep On Gifin’, Sleeping On Small Mattress Problems, Hunger Down To Fast, Productive Feedback¬† AND BUTTLOADS OF SHOUT OUTS!
This was neither Pun to Put together nor Punny in any way. I’m Toadly Sorry…not sorrey, eh.
****apologies for audio…I would blame canada but, I just can’t