Skinkle #156

This week Lisa “Larger Than Life” Lawrie and Rafael “Carte Blanche” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Andy Haynes Skied Over A 2 Lane Highway” & ” Alison’s Potato Face, Ben’s Baby Police, Instant Coffee Review”
We talk Being Cool, Brain Candy, Depressing Light Boxes, Lets Meet Tony, Realistic Baby Bodies, Chodes Revisited, Failing At Our New Segment “Word Of The Day”, Revamping How Dare You!, Descendents Overload, Shout Outs, and Call Outs!
****DISCLAIMER**** Wow, this episode…woof
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Chodes n’ BMs #155

This week Lisa Lawrie (@BFFLisaLawrie) and Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGS) discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “Gabe Liedman Will Swab A Bitch” & “Tax Time Fun Facts, Bumbling Grundles, Jordan’s Hustle”
We talk Playing Pubescent Self, Slippery Open Relationships, Facebook Tattler, Synonymously Perineum, Silly Production Co, The American Scheme and Shout Outs!
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C U N…Test #154

This week Lisa Lawrie (@BFFLisaLawrie) and Raffi “GoLightly” Castaneda (@RMCGS) discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ Shane Dawson Is Nervous” & “Alie’s Mugging, Personality Quizzes, Suzy Wetfeet”
We talk Loving The Things You Hate To Love To Hate, Nazi Two Timing, Lack Of Gay Jewelry, Rachel’s Record, Gandhi Hating Orphans, The Colonel Is Up Her Alie, Ugly Muggin’, Cookie DOH Guy, Bigger Beds and Lower Standards!
PLUS We finish up the second half of the Jung personality test, catch up on where we are in keeping our New Years resolutions, LOTs O’ Shout Out and talk next book club…yeah!
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Well Jung #153

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael “Negative Juan” Castaneda discuss theĀ @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Kevin Allison Has Heard It All” & ” We Found The Commercial, Knock Out Tales, Facing Mortality”
We talk Intro Upgrades, Smothers But Brothers, Kinkster Revelations, Big Johnsons, Kellys Upgrade To “Bag Lady”, Dodgin’ Balls, Tejas Toast, Jack Offie, Rootbeer Hating Monsters and Getting STD’d!
PLUS We do half of a Personality Test…take the test along with us and tune in next week for the final results!
****Disclaimer- Mixed up Threes A Crowd With Too Close For Comfort…duh, a common and easy mistake!
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