Ep. 43 – It’s Elliot!!

Hey there! Lisa was out this week, so I (Jason) and my wife (Amanda) get to talk about the teeny tiny bundle of cute – Elliot! We discuss the harrowing tale of his birth, the origins of his name, and raising a child in this god-awful world! You also get an audio tour of the paradise that is Central California! Oh yay!


(left unedited for comedic effect. ENJOY!)

Hot Bod #42

This week, Lisa Lawrie (@JMOEsandBFFs) is joined by Demian Cordova (@SuperDemC) and Ray Morgan (@RayMorganIII) to discuss @ARIYNBF episodes- “Jen Glantz” (@Jenglantz) & “Thursday Gang, Live From Podfest!”
We talk Wedding Drama, Ambitious People, More Reminders of Why My Sister Totally Sucks, Diva Jockeys, How Does Raymoe REALLY FEEL?!, Sorority Shams, Reliving LA Podfest Love AND We HEART Ali Michelle Diary Entries…They’re SO RAD!
I’ll see y’all Texans NEXT week!
PLUS HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY ELLIOT OLIVER QUANTZ, the world has waited a looong time for you!

Two Girls,One Naked Chicken Chalupa #41

On This Groundhog Day Edition Of BFF, “Bad Ass Fan” Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFs) is Joined By “Super Fan” Meghan Parkansky (@Zenerapark) and “Ultra Fan” Rafael Castaneda to talk about @ARIYNBF Episodes- “John Henson” (@John_Henson) AND “The Last Show Before Baby, Chocodiles & Protest Etiquette” w/David Huntzberger (@Huntsbergerjunk)
We Discuss Talk Soup, Blowhards, Alison Is Being Induced!, Boobs, I Like Big Butts, Eating Groceries Out Of Boredom, Wipeout, Alison Is Ready To POP!, How To Have Babies, Fast Food Fun, See’s Crack¬†Kisses, Wine, Pills, Pornophiles and Chocodiles!