Big MACkée #40

It’s WOMAN Power This week, Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFs) is joined by Joanna (@Joanna_Bowman49) and Emily (@EmilyQ4Ever) to talk about the @ARIYNBF Episodes- “Lisa Schwartz” (@Lilschwartzie) and “Big Macs,227 & Things Millennials Don’t Know But Gen X Does” w/Joe De Rosa (@JoeDeRosaComedy)
We Talk Odd Jobs, YouTube Boobs, Admitting PMS, Growing Humans Is Work, Gen X Cuspers, Secretly Hating FB Friends, Logans, America’s Mass Suicide By Junk Food, Happy Or Hate For People, Alcohol With An FB Chaser, Movie Snack Etiquette, Kushy Ball Fun, Temple Of My Dog AND EVEN BIGGER MACS!
Plus Leeann needs to answer the MAINE questions!

Bad Apples – Episode 39

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFs) is joined by “Extraordinary Fan” Becki McClure (@Rajenki), Jason “Fort” Dix (@WoodLoaf) and Special appearance By Mrs Amanda Dix to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes- ‘Rachel Bloom’ (@Racheldoesstuff) & ‘Skunk Mania,The Return Of HGFY and Bear Horns’ w/Sean Jordan (@SeanSJordan)
We Talk Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Stalking Made Easy, Science Of Love, Agnostic Perspectives, East Covina, Cool Ranch Superiority, Alison’s Perfect Crotch, Skunkie Rats, Lactation ConsulCunts, Del vs. Bell, Fried Taste Buds AND Big Mac Bottom Bun Bell Beefer Royales with Jack Sauce!
Ps…SUP Henny!

BF City Rebels #38

This week, Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBffs) is joined by Emily Quick (@EmilyQ4ever) and Ray Morgan (@RayMorganIII) to discuss @ARIYNBF episodes- Rhea Butcher (@RheaButcher) and “Meatball Salad, Crying Pregnant Ladies & Resolutions Revisited”
We talk Lonely Onlies, Sexual Journeys, Meat Hate, Lesbian Wannabes, Tony Thaxton (@TonyThaxton), Patreon Golden Showers, Fun With Vaginas, In Terms Of Poop, Baby Talk, Rosalutions, Get Your Meat Out Of My Salad, JMOE Cleanse, Super Fans Of Toenail Chewing, Big Als and Assholes!

Thanks For Mutton #37

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JMOEsandBFFS) is joined by “Nappy Loggins” Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes- Jim Florentine #3 And “On Air Meltdowns, Al’s Showers & Working Cats”
We talk Jim Florentine’s A Simple Man Comedy Special (@MRJimFlorentine), Crossfit Cult Cops, Comfort In Uncomfortable Situations, Alison’s Snickerdoodle Rage, Jeff’s Heavy Petting, Oatmeal RAISIN Cookies Are No Punishment, Master Of No Domain, Heller Eats Balls, Raffi Is A Sac Savior, Massaging Fears, Hour Showers, Mormon Questions For LeeAnn, It’s Not Neatness It’s Nesting PLUS Alison Announces New Shirt Design and A New Podcast With Fitzdog!