TY4BF #3 Emily

This week on BFF’s “Thank You For Being A Fan”, Lisa (@JMOESandBffs) is joined by Corpus Christi’s Designing Woman, Emily!
Emily is a very busy writer, designer and mother who is a newer Alison Rosen fan with a fresh perspective on coming to love ARIYNBF!
PLUS this Texan was responsible for “The Body Of Christ” Snack Chat sent in to the show!

TY4BF #2 Jay Insley

On the second episode of BFF’s “Thank You For Being A Fan”, Lisa Lawrie (@JMOEsandBFFs) welcomes the man behind the memes, Jay Insley (@j_insley)! He shares about his creative artistic process, family life, LOVE of Alison AND a we get a Super #AL clip!
Be careful what you say, it might become a drop! *Snort
If you would like to hear Jay’s podcast interview about Disney World, here is more info!
Here is an amazing person (named Shannon Albert) who runs WDWPrepschool which is all things Disney World (btw podcast is safe for kids). She interviewed @j_insley on her podcast last year.

TY4BF #1 Michelle Smith

On the first installment of The Best Friend’s Fancast’s special segment, “Thank You For Being A Fan”, Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFs) talks with fellow Best Friend, Michelle Smith (@Mraven721)
on how this Michigan wife and mother of four became an Alison Rosen fan!
You won’t believe how many podcasts she listens to and can’t wait to have her back on a weekly episode to talk more @ARIYNBF!

“Hello Pervert” – Ep.25

This week, Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFS) is joined by OG Patroller, Animator To The Stars, The One And Only Jason Dix (@Woodloaf) To Discuss @ARIYNBF Episodes 10/3 & 10/6! We Talk about EVERYTHING from more LA Podfest, Sklar Bros. Randy and Jason (@SklarBros), Hot Hardcore History, Parenting Fears, Back Basement Freedom Pooping & Creepy Twins. ALSO, on the Thursday Show-Greg’s Seat Was Filled In Again By The Ever Funny Ali Segal (@OnlineAlison), Revelations In Bleach Drinking, Literature Leavin’ Grandma’s, Dating Apps, Being An Adult, The Body Of Christ Snack Chat Sent In By Emily (@Elsu55) AND BFF, Rafael, Becki and Jennifer all get HUGE Shout Outs For The Thursday Gang Gifts!
PLUS A Super Fun New Intro From Lee Bruns (@Leebruns1) AND Jason Dix Shares His Amazing Night Train Chugging Bum Gift For Baby Rosen-Quantz!! YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!

“Drive-By Vegetables” -Ep. 24

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFs) is joined by “Ultra Fan, L’il Raffi” In His Ill ‘fit, Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) and Long Time Alison Fan But New To Our Show, “Prairie Stalker” Lee Bruns (@SLBruns1) to discuss @ARIYNBF episodes 9/26 & 9/29. We talk about guest, comedian Cameron Esposito (@CameronEsposito), Lazy Eyes, Rockin’ Eye Patches, Stand-Up, Same Goals New Paths, Sky Fairies AND Thursday had Ali Segal (@OnlineAlison) Filling Greg’s Seat, We Get Corny, Friends vs. Seinfeld, More LA Podfest, Pooptarts, Obnoxious Piglet Buying Attitudes, MANY Levels of Drinking, Hold-Ups and Fronts!
PLUS, Lisa gets the day off from intro-ing because our guest brought a Daniel-esque INTRO FOR US!!! SOOO COOL!