JMOE Patrol ep.49 – “Bumbershoot is an Umbrella”

 Special guest patroller @handsycoppafeel joins the patrol to talk about balls, chips, and reads an excerpt from her childhood diary. And balls. We also do “All Things Alison”, “JMOE Jabber” and a super fun game of “On The Spot”
Oh, there is also some politics talk and we find out if Murray the dog sniffed any crotches.

JMOE Patrol ep.48 – “BYOF Amy & Ashley”

It’s time for another installment of #BYOF! Amy Baker @amy4000 joins Ashley to discuss Salem sans Witch Trials, prioritizing positive podcasts and craft beer social media snobbery (Add me on @Untappd, y’all!). Amy and Ashley also discuss #ADeadlyAdoption (SPOILER ALERT!), the merits of Super Fan Meghan and Jason, the Great Debates of the former Thursday gang and so much more!
Dear Twitter: are head scabs really scabs?!? #QuestioningLife

JMOE Patrol ep.46 – “Alison is the Meat & Potatoes”

 Join the Patrol with Guest Patroller Mallory @mal_is_your_pal  who was originally going to be part of the crew but could not. However, we will always keep a mic open for her! Listen in as she and Jason talk beer & yoga and we do a very interesting “All Things Alison” that leads to some very insider info on the Patrol… you don’t want to miss it!

JMOE Patrol ep.44 – “Bobo’s Mean Farts” 

New Guest Patroller, Emily@emiLyQ4ever joins the patrol for “All Things Alison”, “JMOE Jabber” AND a special “On The Spot” with Jason and Brianne.
There is so much more, I can’t even. Tune in for everything, especially sexting and dick pics. You’re welcome.
Love you,

JMOE Patrol ep.43 – “The Clique-y Show” 

Welcome Guest Patroller Justin Bradfield @nyquildreams to episode #18! Sorry for the sound issues. I have NO idea how to get rid of those clicks without destroying the spoken words. Bear with us if you can as we  “Catch Up with The Patrol”, do “All Things Alison”, “JMOEJabber” and we do a round of “JMOEFs with Ashlely!”
K love you, akabye!


JMOE Patrol ep.42 – “El Snuffleupagus”

We have ANOTHER guest Patroller Rafael @rmcguitars. Meghan talks about the best YELP review ever, Ash gives us her MS med update, Lisa makes “poop-soup” and Rafael throws his pen. It’s pretty incredible. Take a listen and bring a friend.