JMOE Patrol ep.32 – “BYOF Matt & Brianne”

 Join Brianne for a #BYOF and meet the man behind the “Touch the Tushy” remix – Matt @bluknu – go ahead, we’ll give you a sec to pronounce it a few times.
Matt tells us his “Alison Origin” story, does “30 Seconds to Alison”, talks about what makes his mouth go numb, where he’d like to travel to back in time, his distaste for meat and cabbage together and soooo much more!
He also teaches me how to use #Periscope for my very first time. You can thank him for that 😉

JMOE Patrol ep.31 – “Dungeons and Alisons”

Catch Up With the Patrol, Brianne, Jason, Lisa and Super Fan Meghan. Listen to us talk “All Things Alison, “JMOE Jabber” and do #NEOM, #JMOEResuce and TWO special “On The Spots!”  We also talk about how much we like Greg Heller and Jason tells us who the two types of people are that do not adore Greg as much as us.
Visit Jason’s early animations page:

JMOE Patrol ep.30 – “Jingle All The Way”

Join Brianne, Lisa and Ashley for more “All Things Alison” “JMOE Jabber” #JMOEF #JMOEResuce and various other chatter about our lives such as group photo napalm, gummy smiles, why taking poop pills the night before a visit to the OBGYN is not a good idea, the “cleavage cam” #Periscope dream, the worst ever telling of the tomato family joke and so much more.
Enjoy and bring a friend!


JMOE Patrol ep.29 – “BYOF Jennifer & Lisa”

Join the bicentennial babies Lisa and @jenww76 as they explore Jen’s parallel life with Alison Rosen and why being a fan makes her smarter. They ​​also talk about raising the best fucking baby, not shower traveling for boob safety and how the @JMOEPatrol has brought her even closer to @ARIYNBF!

JMOE Patrol ep.28 – “BYOF Becki and Ashley”

It’s time for another edition of #BYOF! Becki-with-an-i @rajenki joins Ashley to discuss blended families, the most exhausting part of running a 5K, insurance policies, her girl crush on Alison and how Adam Carolla is partially responsible for her marriage. Becki also discusses the power of positive podcasts, weighs in on the Great Debates of the former Thursday gang and so much more! #asmileonceinawhile #hashtagbaby

JMOE Patrol ep.27 – “Alison Piece Theater: The Original ARIYNBF Episode”

Join Superfan Meghan and Brianne while we belatedly celebrate the brith of BSlamin AND the birth of ARIYNBF.
That’s right, this is the FIRST “Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend” episode. It also contains the first “Fan Phone Call” and quite possibly the first “Just Me or Everyone” but I don’t think anyone knew it yet.

JMOE Patrol ep.26 – “Romance & Jen Aniston’s Love Letter to #Al”

Thank you to Alison Rosen & the gang and to all of the other #ARIYNBF fans who enjoy talking about our favorite podcast – “Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend”.

Join Jason, Lisa and myself for another riveting show where we expand upon what “romance” means to each of us and discuss “All Things Alison”.
Brianne reads her version of Jennifer Aniston’s class essay on her “time” with #Al . Al is Jenna Kim Jone’s husband from their Sorry Not Sorry with Jenna Kim Jones Podcast.  The letter is hilariously based on the dream Jenna had about Al and Jennifer Aniston.
Jason doesn’t like compliments, Lisa still feels like a juvenile delinquent……. AND…. Bri & Li reveal things that they’ve never publicly discussed on air.
Then, Jason & Lisa are put #OnTheSpot to come up with their own “Jennifer Aniston” essay to #Al during #OnTheSpot.