JMOE Patrol ep.25 – “BYOF David & Brianne”

You’ve already heard us talk about this #BYOF guest,  @alisonrosenisnmsaka David Dollar, on the #JMOEPatrolPodcast…now get to know the man behind #30SecondsToAlison! We’ll hear his Alison Origin Story, his thoughts of Alison’s #ACS departure and JKJ’s baby hashtag!
This Disney travel planner and I also have some rando-chatter about #NKOTB, #LOST and his podcast “The Deucecast Movie Show”, enjoy!

JMOE Patrol ep.24 – “Jingles and Periscoping and Garmon-whhaat?”

In this VERY special episode of the JMOE Patrol, we welcome a special Patroller to talk “All Things Alison”, “JMOE Jabber”, #JMOEF, #NEOM, #JMOERescue and #OTS (On the Spot). You don’t want to miss this special #OTS because we have a whole new segment brought to us by  @alisonrosenisnms on Twitter called #30SecondsToAlison.

Also… in the “rando chatter” category, we have ponies, possible rashes, a job update, a health update, periscoping, serenading, a Garmonboziatastic Twin Peaks-nado storm, ambien antics and ovulation.
Muuuah & akabye

JMOE Patrol ep.23 – “BYOF Ryan and Brianne”

It’s another “Bring Your Own Friend” with Brianne and fellow ARIYNBF fan @mryanp. We talk about his “Alison Origin Story”, the “Thursday Gangs” and just how awesome Alison Rosen is.
We also talk about the Sorry Not Sorry with Jenna Kim Jones Podcast, specifically how she endearingly pronounces Jason’s wife, Amanda’s twitter name, “Shitlesworth” @skaakiko
Also, we get to know a little bit about Ryan like how he’s a mix of Caelan Biehn and Dustin Goot, his terrible Terrier and his super power!
Be part of the show by emailing us #BYOF at [email protected]
Thanks again! ​

JMOE Patrol ep.22 – “Bring your Tin Foil Hat & Zombie Goose Repellent”

Hi! It’s the Patrollers coming at ya again with some “All Things Alison, “JMOE Jabber” #JMOEF #NEOM and despite Lisa not wearing her extra foil hat in order to stay connected for recording, (aka, technical difficulties) we do #JMOERescue!!

Also, on this date number eight, Brianne talks NAZI ZOMBIES & what it’s like dining in the “jungles of Maine”, Lisa talks throwing money at strippers & where she was proposed to (unrelated), Jason is red dust, throws his water bottle at his door & reveals a #NEOM you’ll find hard to, ahem, swallow AND Ashley remembers the Alamo & talks about her grandparent-eating pet geese! 

Then we do  #OnTheSpot ARIYNBF FAN MADLIB edition… “The Latest Dance Craze”!! 

JMOE Patrol ep.21 – “Toots, Plops & Drops Edition 2”

Hey! It’s round two of TDP aka the “Bri and Li” show. Actually, it’s all about YOU guys! So, come hang with us while we talk about how awesome your tweets are! We also talk about comedy eggs, adventure eggs and killer eggs as well as sing a song near and dear to Lisa heart  (which is majorly delayed, but you’ll get the point) (it’s very music-centric FYI).

Oh we also keep botching your names, but we love you all the same! Thanks again and keep tweeting awesome things about us! xo

JMOE Patrol ep.20 – “BYOF Leeann & Lisa”

Lisa and fellow INCREDIBLE ARIYNBF fan  @leeannMWard as they discuss Leann’s unique “Alison Origin” story, why she loves Alison Rosen’s interview style, her views on adoption, the burning Chef Jeff question and why she relates so much to our other favorite podcast Sorry Not Sorry with Jenna Kim Jones. 

Oh, and we can add her to the list of fans who thought Brianne and Lisa were either fake or dudes or fake dudes, on twitter!

JMOE Patrol ep.19 – “BYOF Demian & Lisa”

Join Lisa  and Demian  @SuperDemC as they talk about his ARIYNBF fandom, why skunks at work are bad, his Full House, how he thought Brianne was a dude and why something Alison Rosen does every day had his Dad calling him a “Twerp!”

JMOE Patrol ep.18 – “BYOF Jason & Emily”

Emily @emiLyQ4evercomes to us from the rural depths of the hat shaped state (Minnesota). It’s so rural that she had to travel to a town with adequate Internet access! She shares her love of her family, producing podcasts and Alison! She’s hilarious!!

JMOE Patrol ep.17 – “Toots, Plops & Drops Edition”

Toots, Plops and Drops?! What the what is this? Well, it’s all about YOU the listeners and fellow ARIYNBF fans. Listen to @jmoesandbobos and @bslamin read a train load of your tweets and find out more, like, where does this show title even come from and what does it all mean? Also, we learn about the bathroom etiquette of fowl, completely botch everyone’s twitter names, and @jmoesandbobos struggles to say A R I Y N B F.
Keep the tweets coming and board the TOOT TOOT Train because this is ALL about YOU and your fandom-isms of ARIYNBF and The JMOE Patrol.
Allllllllll Abooaaaard! Toot Toot! Tweet Tweet!

JMOE Patrol ep.16 – “GARF!”

Join us while we try to help you decipher who’s voice goes with who, how Ashley can get rid of Alison’s “smallish head”, have some impromptu dance parties, and as we try to figure out how to spell and define GARF (or GARTH..?)
We also have NEW jingles for “All Things Alison” and “JMOE Jabber”, let us know if you’d like us to keep them, or ditch them. Either way we’ll probably keep them. Just kidding. We also read your #JMOEFs #NEOMs #JMOEResuces (#JR) AND your #AlisonCon costume ideas!
This podcast has been approved by Jason Dix

JMOE Patrol ep.15 – “Alison Piece Theater: ​Mother’s Day and Alison’s BDay Edition”

Please enjoy our super special Mother’s Day and Alison Rosen’s BDay episode hoted by Superfan Meghan  (also find out who she recently drunk-dialed!)

 Don’t forget to send your Mom’s & Mother figures, or any Mom’s in general a Happy Mother’s Day not as well as tweet a loving Happy BDay message to the fabulous Alison Rosen, she’d not a day over FABULOUS!

JMOE Patrol ep.14 – “Alison Piece Theater – Mental Illness Happy Hour”

In this installment of Alison Piece Theater, Super Fan Meghan revisits Alison Rosen’s appearance on the Paul Gilmartin’s Mental Illness Happy Hour.

It’s a poignant and deep interview with occasional laughs and lots of great moments. Enjoy!

JMOE Patrol ep.13 – “Slamin McDuck”

Listen in as the Patrol welcomes back Ashley while we get updates on the bathroom remodeling in Jason’s office building, Lisa’s painter hugging affliction, and have some hot healthcare chat!

Also find out about the fetish Jason’s cats have, why Brianne wanted to be Scrooge McDuck and her first trip to the principal’s office, which celebs we’d would be BFF’s with, and what on earth is a “CompUterus”?

We also do “All Things Alison”, “JMOE Jabber” and read your #JMOEFs, #NEOMs, and #JMOERescue’s

Enjoy, come back and bring a friend!

JMOE Patrol ep.12 – “BYOF Laura Broder & Lisa”

In yet another “Bring Your Own Friend” edition of JMOE Patrol, incredible fan, Laura Broder @bingopajamas and Lisa engage in a TON of fun Alison Rosen is Your New Best Fan banter along with so much more. Ejoy!

JMOE Patrol ep.11 – “BYOF w HandsyCoppafeel & Ashley”

@handsycoppafeel joins Ashley to discuss the world of burlesque, flat ginger ale, new uses for ketchup, cross-eyed felines, and her love of Alison Rosen!

JMOE Patrol ep.10 – “BYOF w Ulysses & Brianne”

Welcome to another #BYOF! A show by the fans for the fans of the ARIYNBF Podcast. Meet Ulysses @ureallykicking and listen in as he tells us about his adoration for Alison Rosen, his thoughts on food, time travel and he plays a round of “On the Spot: If History Could Talk”!