JMOE Patrol ep.9 – “Famous Enough For Me!”

Hang out with us while we catch up with the patrol, talk “All Things Alison”, “JMOE Jabber” and talk about the important stuff in life like, assless chaps, sensitive teeth, poop knives, Greg Heller as “Little Orphan Funkhouser”, and why Jason if afraid of the produce section.

We also do #NEOM and #JMOERescue! Thanks again and akabye!

JMOE Patrol ep.8 – “BYOF w Crown_Insomniac & Brianne”

Welcome to another exciting edition of Bring  Your Own Friend (#BYOF)
Meet fellow ARIYNBF fan @Crown_Insomniac and out about his “Alison Origin” and his takes on the great debates of the previous ARIYNBF Thursday Crew!

JMOE Patrol ep.7 – “Alison Piece Theater Edition”

Join Super Fan Meghan a special segment she has created called “Alison Piece Theater” Listen in as she takes us on a journey through time discussing her love and admiration for Alison Rosen. It’s a fascinating tale of love, heartbreak and other assorted emotions, and reminds us all why we love Meghan so much!

JMOE Patrol ep.6 – “BYOF w George and Meghan Parkansky”

Meghan talks with George; @GOAriynbf George was lucky enough to have his email read on Alison’s second live show. His good fortunes continue with this interview!

By the way – If you’d like to be interviewed by the JMOE Patrol, let us know on Twitter!

JMOE Patrol ep.5 – “Madlib; ARIYNBF Edition”

Welcome back! We are so incredibly grateful for all of the support and fantastic tweets from YOU the listeners. We have so many #BYOF’s and #APT’s in store for you! Listen in as we say by for now to Meghan on the regular round table, talk “All Things Alison”, “JMOE Jabber”, #JMOEF, #NEOM, #JMOERescue and a VERY fun segment of “On the Spot” featuring an ARIYNBF MadLib game.

You’ll also find out what styri means, the trouble with adjectives and why smelling people can make one feel violated. Enjoy!



JMOE Patrol ep.4 – “BYOF w Ray Morgan & Jason Dix”

Here’s the first in our Bring Your own Friend series of fan interviews! Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend Podcast fan Ray Morgan discusses his amazing web comic series Aerogadget.TheComicSeries.Com, his career in the Aerospace industry and his love of ARIYBNF.


JMOE Patrol ep.3 – “JMOEF’s, JMOE Resuces, NEOM’s and More!”

Hey there! The Patrol is back for episode 3, can you even contain yourselves? We can’t! So much so that we have an extra long special Alison Piece Theater hosted by Meghan featuring our beloved Jason Dix. We also do “All Things Alison”, “JMOE Jabber”, #JMOEF, #JMOEResuce, #NEOM and introducing “On The Spot!”
Coming out shortly, we have our first three #BYOF’s we’re preparing to air, so much fun! Remember, this show is created by the fans FOR the fans, your fellow “best friends” if you will. Tweet us @JMOEPatrol to be featured on our show! Akabye!

JMOE Patrol ep.2 – “Cactus in the Mail”

The JMOE Patrol is back! Brianne, Lisa, Jason, Ashley and Meghan are your hosts, so set a spell and tune in while we chat  “All Things Alison”, do some “JMOE Jabber” and introduce our fan-interaction segments t! Also, you’ll get to know the Patrol even better as you learn our favorite vegetable, who is for, who is against autocorrect and find out which JMOE Patroler really wants a cactus in the mail!