Shera P TY4BF #11: How to Exit Windows

Shera is re-welcomed to the show, for the special, in-person return of “Thank You For Being A Fan”. Tryce and Shera talk about cringing at your younger self, growing up in Las Vegas, moon water, which BFFer is a witch (!), anticipatory grief, and jumping out of windows.

Instead of her Alison origin story we chat more about her obsession with…the Best Friend’s Fancast….???

Odds n’ Sods~BFF Christmas Special~2023

It’s a very special BFF!

Annual BFF Christmas Tam O’ Shanter Dinner and weekender featuring Lisa, Tryce, Super Fan Meghan n Jess, Dr Jenn, Dr Joanna, Lauren, Rafael and Scotty Scott!

We ate, drank and were very MERRY!

Tryce and Lisa discuss the four ARIYNBF episodes ~”Jesse Joyce”, “Dalton’s Drops, Boiled Nuts, The Kathy Griffin Incident”, “Daniel and Asian (Your Calls, Praline Don’t Take My Man)” & “Tasers and Brass Knuckles, Hobby Jobs, Snitches Beget Stitches”

Next-Lisa, Dr Jenn and LK chat in the Tam O’ Shanter parking lot about Alison and what not.

Finally- We all end up back at our hotel to discuss more Alison, catch up and do a Vietnamese Chat snack!

Happy Holidays Y’all!


This week Lisa and Tryce record their parts separately and then Cherpumpled the episode together…seamlessly.

ARIYNBF Episodes discussed~ “Justin 😉 Martindale” & “Onion Brothers, Mass Quirk, The Mystery of the Stolen Lunch”

We shouted out, we caught up and we talked lots of Alison Rosen PLUS additions to the ongoing Meghangate saga!

Enjoy at your own risk

Forgotten but not gone

Tryce and Leeann discuss the topics of the day, including notable snubs, chip chat, TWO voicemails, Patreon gossip, where you eat your breakfast, and more.

This week’s episodes: Thursday (Todd’s Curmudgeon Era, Daniel’s Horse Hips, Slim Goodbody) & Monday w/ Fahim Anwar.

Sailin’ Highland Park

This week, Lisa is joined in person by Doctors Jenn n’ Angela to discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “Mary Katherine Ham Returns” & “Barber Shop Massages, Perfect Eggs, Cervical Ripeness” (Encore)

We met up in Highland Park to see the Kate Micucci “My Hat” Album release show. We talked pregnancy, postpartum, beauty products, cracking the code of great marriages, kindles vs. books, FaveMOEs and shout outs plus we recapped our experience at the show! Enjoy

Future Ghosts

This week Lisa and Tryce discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Paul Gilmartin Is Back!” & “Prescription Cereal, Luigi’s Big Package, Daniel’s Toyota Grudge”

Toilets and our mouths runneth over on this episode, we dove head first in to our crowded mental space! We talk two boys n’ one toilet, dating after divorce, being fetishized, shrinking heads while growing hearts, seasonal scariness, romantic eclipses, dressing for a takeover, baby talking pets, middle fingering yourself, perverted nerds, FAVEmoes, Shout outs and catch ups!
Stay Dirty Y’all!!

Arranged / Deranged Marriages

On this week’s BFF we talk about audio nudity, rough deliveries, moving, getting kicked out of places, and words that remind you of songs. Also, ¿¡who has Have a Gusta!?

This week’s shows were the Monday episode with Kate Micucci and the Thursday show (Tony’s Return, Robin’s Reunion, Todd’s Odyssey).

That Sounds Far?

Returning champion Rafael and returning champignon Lauren join the pod along with Lisa and Tryce to discuss the pressing issues of the day: exotic foods and television from around the globe, a 7-11 sex work update, “is that racist” (yes), shipping Lizzy and Jeff, what we’ve been up to and more.

We also chat about the Monday episode of Alison’s show with DQ (Your Calls and Wendy’s Big Adventure) and the Thursday show (Greg’s Apology, Lizzy’s Japandi, The Golden Bachelor).

The Dork Web

We discuss our shout outs, call-outs, and catch up. There’s a Lisa’s Mom update, and a special monthly visitor will be visiting us for the BFF Xmas dinner. Lisa becomes a literal a friend with benefits, and, is everything made up? Also, surprise sex work, gender roles, flossing etc etc.

Our topics are the Monday episode featuring Elise Loehnen and her book on the seven deadly sins/being a woman, and the Thursday show with Robin, Wendy and DQ (Trad Wife Morning Routines, Perilous Metal Straws, The Dark Web)

Local Podcast Listener’s Union No.266 / Can I wash your taint

The B-Team is Back! We talk Burning Man and being crunchy, Dr. Drew’s secret other podcast (it’s bad), Patreon demands and requests, The Sound of Freedom, and more.

We also discuss ARIYNBF episodes featuring Ben G and the Thursday show with Jordan and Daniel, featuring Chef Jeff.

More about Dr. Jen’s call-to-action (55:00):

Go Watch a Sunset

Lisa and Tryce discuss the Monday ep featuring AR and DQ, and the Thursday show with Matt Lieb and Robin Shorr (Sadie’s Big Escape, Night Terrors, New Haterz!).

We also discuss: Lisa’s non-dating update & former life as a straight edge live-in nanny, MOMENTS, crying at the cinema, dirtbag rankings for band dudes, and Lisa accidentally flashing the whole neighborhood.

Dr. Beavers

It’s an IN person, double episode this week! We discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Slurp Alert)”, “Encore:The Jenna Quiz!(Plus Greg’s Drug Stories, DINKS, Night Terrors and John Boats)”, “Rory Uphold”, “Supermarkets, Talkative Masseuses, Alison’s New Crush”

There’s (maybe too much) personal dating app chatter, Good N Bad Chat Snacks, True Crimes in LOVE talk, Barbed B Movie POVs ,Shout Outs and SO so SO so much MORE!

Hungry woMan Dinner

This week Lisa and Tryce dive deep in to freezer meals, busting through like Kool-Aid man, embarrassing bleed outs, making eating each others asses easier, nicknamin fellas, what goes on in big rumpuses, Orthodox Jew murkins, Shout Outs, Catchin’ up n’ so much more!

The episodes discussed were “Emily Fleming” & “Rumpus Rooms, Nose Blindness, Alison’s Eyeballs”

Dumpster Diving Era

This week’s discussed @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Jesse Thorn Is Back” & “Adult Braces, Child Star Reunions, Tony’s Long Couch”

Tryce and Lisa talk Trashy Tattoos, Getting A Life, FU $, The Fall of Podcasts, Into The ForgoTone Zone, Summer Bummer, Retiring Mattresses, BFF Sex Dream, Gassy Evil Carbs, Failing Couches, Storm Watch, Dentite Chatter, Slippin Roofies, Shout Outs and Countdown to Catch Up…Enjoy!

Have’A Gusta

Lisa and Tryce “pare” it down and talk about the @ARIYNBF episodes “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, True Crime, Show Museum)” & “Magic Eye Posters, Burbank Horror, Non-Sexual Orgasms

We discuss all the stuff and it’s enjoyable. Please…enjoy.


Lisa and Tryce accidentally go extremely long on this one, if you’d like to skip hearing about Tryce’s Drug Use, Combustible Dildos, Eating The Whole Slice of Lisa, Hot Boxin’ and a Hot Cooch, then skip forward to the 47ish minute mark where we begin the Monday talk…you will however be a little confused by Tryce’s Melting Sex Toy Research and Lisa’s Public Self Service Announcement at the end.
That being said, we DO discuss both @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, Snack Chat, Mr. Big Remiss) & “Cheese Wheels, Cut-Rate Coffins, Browvember” and do shout outs PLUS a special in person BFF Hotline call!

Pretty please, enjoy.

Sex Parade

This week, Lisa is joined IN person by Meghan, Joanna and Angela to talk and drink and talk and drink and talk…and drink.
Episodes discussed were “Allie Ward (Encore)” & “Flea Markets, DQ’s Skincare Regimen, Tony Robbin’s CD’s”

Muffy Buffy N’ Squee

This week Tryce guest hosts and is joined by Super Fan Meghan and Fan Lisa to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Cole Imperi (Encore)” & “Robin Takes Nantucket, Joel Drinks w/Rupert Murdock, Alison is Sad”

They talk about Alison’s loss, Tik Tok Fad Foods, Colonel Jeffness, Ferocious Cream Pies, Nanfucket Nicknames, Shout Outs and Too Much Behind The Scenes Talk! Enjoy

Booze, Tattoos, n’ New Jews

This week Lisa, Tryce, Lauren and Rafael are back baybeeeee to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes ~ “RJ City is Back Again” & “Jackie’s Change Of Heart, Lizzy’s Pants Mishaps, Lizard Gizzard Wizards”

Tryce is avoiding his inevitable new bestie, Raf is swimming in advice, LK throws nuts like a pro and Lisa should break up with everyone! There’s also plenty of RJ, Alison, Jackie, Lizzy and Jeff talk!


Lisa and Tryce discuss Lisa’s phone choices, why people cheat on their partners, the 1970s, relationship reality shows, BFF FB group drama, and more.

Plus! We talk about the Monday show (Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, Tiny Faces, Who We’d Cheat With)) & special fill-in episode with Alison & Tod.

Lean Beef

Lisa and the Milkman are on the scene, bringing you the wacky morning zooooo! We have cow jokes.

We talk tattoos, doctors, whether or not you want to hang with your nieghbors, Grateful Dead, and Lisa’s constant unvitations. Plus: various slanders.

Also! We discuss the Monday episode (Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, The Neighbor Club)) & Thursday episode (Tony’s Faux Hawk, Wendy’s Epitaph Pranks, And Twins!)

Looking A L’il Merle

This week Lisa and Dr. Angela are in person and doing a double! 
“Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, New Merch, Buttholes:The Exhibit!”
“Alison’s Sex Work, Wendy’s Chocolate Fountain, Jordan’s Sock Reveal”
“Steven Weber”
“Mimes, Clowns, Boob Snoods”

They talk New Merch, Mysterious Murder Dinners, Shades of Gray, Flaming Fancy Desserts, Avoiding The Noid, Weinerdude Attitudes, Terrible Pant Lengths, Semi-Hard Rockin’ Cafe, Being Sensory Deprived, Miss Understood, Clown School Reunions, Shout Outs and FaveMOEs!

The Buck Stopped Here

“Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Psychopath Employers)” & “Jorts, Jawns, Chicago’s Little Lady” This week Lisa and Tryce discuss Feeling Heartbreak, Phone Ñellos, Affairs To Remember, Terrible Bosses, Dark Thoughts, Stage Panties, Urine Life Lessons, Long Jawn Johns, Tell Tale Farts, Shout Outs and FaveMOE

Where are they getting the foreskin?

The lower-case B team (Leeann, Meghan & Tryce) discusses the Monday show with Jennifer Romolini, and the Thursday ep with Jackie J and Todd Cooper.


Totally voluntary input from Dr. J;

Meghan has a penis talk update and Showbiz talk from a Hollywood busy type; 

We try to figure out what evangelical means, and also ponder foreskin-related beauty products; 

Meghan had a terrible celebrity interaction, and there is goss (50:32);

Tryce criticizes and then makes partial amends with the other, lesser TS (Taylor Swift);

Concerts, concerts concerts!

Producer’s note: We have been behind schedule, we appreciate your patience!  More Lisa next episode.

Holy Ghosted

Double your pleasure with Lisa and Joanna!

We discussed the episodes~

Alison and Tod: After Hours & Impossible Octopus, Problematic Playground Chants, Bernie’s List


Kyle Kinane & Jackie’s Butt,Alison’s Field Trip, Pathological Liars Who Improv

We talk about it all y’all! Enjoy 

Everyone Text Meghan And Say Something Nice

Meghan and Tryce discuss the Monday episode featuring Mark Blutman, and the Thursday show featuring Wendy, Jordan and Cheff Jeff.

Topics include: nicknames, depressive episode, Alison’s former employer being weird, the twins riddle, nudity and more.

Dairy Girls

The Critics Assocation (Tryce, Leeann & Superfan Meghan) are here to discuss the Monday episode (Alison & Tod) and the Thursday show featuring Emily Fleming, the return of Niccole Thurman.

Also: Meghan made cheese!  Leeann’s secret personal life, revealed.  Stealing from work, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Beef Dunkies research and more.

Wayward Home for Boys

Reflecting on the annual BFFancast weekend! A heart to heart about matters of the heart! Robin appreciation! Dick Taters, getting into bed with your friends (literally) and more!

Plus, Lisa & Tryce discuss Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend.

As mentioned in the episode:

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