“New England Style” Episode 29

This Weeks Creamy Episode Has East Coast Representin’ as Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFS) Is Joined By LeeAnn Ward (@LeeannMWard), Ray Morgan (@RayMorganIII) and Jay Insely (@j_insley) For A Wicked Pisser Of A Round Table to Talk Janet Varney (@JanetVarney), Stan Against Evil, David Huntsburger (@HuntsburgerJunk), Double Astral Projection, Stroking The Long Pig, Closed Door Policies, Poop Cutters, When The “No” Wins, Passive Aggressively Overspending, Winning JMOEs, In This Together Festival PLUS We Tease AWESOME Patreon Bonus Content!

​”Best Friend’s Patrol” Episode 28

This week, Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFs) is joined by Ultra Fan, Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) and Extraordinary Fan, Becki McClure (@Rajenki) to discuss @ARIYNBF Fan and Filterless Guest, Shane Dawson (@ShaneDawson). He takes us everywhere From The Mandella Effect To Eating Pussy!
Then, The Thursday Gang Welcomes Ali Segal (@onlinealison) and We Talk About MORE Pronunciations, Surviving Office Space, Afterbirthing, 日本語 スナック チャット, Gifted Followers PLUS  Daniel’s Going To Host An ARIYNBF TV Time Spinoff Podcast!
Music Courtesy Of Vander Peaks 😉

“CIRQUEL JERKS” Episode 27

Double your pleasure with this week’s extended episode! Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFS) is joined by Ultra Fan Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) and Cirque Du Soleil Buff Toby Milton (@TMilt) To Discuss Two Weeks Of @ARIYNBF!
First We Had A Special Guest Appearance By Super Fan Meghan Parkansky (@Zenerapark)! She Brought A “Super” vs. “Ultra” Fan Smack Down To Find Out Whose Bad Habits Are Worse!
Then We Talk About EVERYTHING From Jeannette Rizzi’s (@JeannetteRizzi) One Woman Show Blindsided (with another special guest appearance by One Super Fan), Using Humor To Get Through Traumas, Alison’s Emotions, Is Jensen Karp A Good Fit, Nutritionists, Moving Babies, CwahhhSsant, Greg Fitzsimmons (@GregFitzShow) returns, No Names, Too Much Double Anal, Sensitive People, Registered Dietitians, Jensen Karp Is Growing On Us, Halloween Tomfoolery, Poutine Vasarpu, Le Cirque and Taco Hell!

TY4BF #3 Emily

This week on BFF’s “Thank You For Being A Fan”, Lisa (@JMOESandBffs) is joined by Corpus Christi’s Designing Woman, Emily!
Emily is a very busy writer, designer and mother who is a newer Alison Rosen fan with a fresh perspective on coming to love ARIYNBF!
PLUS this Texan was responsible for “The Body Of Christ” Snack Chat sent in to the show!

TY4BF #2 Jay Insley

On the second episode of BFF’s “Thank You For Being A Fan”, Lisa Lawrie (@JMOEsandBFFs) welcomes the man behind the memes, Jay Insley (@j_insley)! He shares about his creative artistic process, family life, LOVE of Alison AND a we get a Super #AL clip!
Be careful what you say, it might become a drop! *Snort
If you would like to hear Jay’s podcast interview about Disney World, here is more info!
Here is an amazing person (named Shannon Albert) who runs WDWPrepschool which is all things Disney World (btw podcast is safe for kids). She interviewed @j_insley on her podcast last year.

TY4BF #1 Michelle Smith

On the first installment of The Best Friend’s Fancast’s special segment, “Thank You For Being A Fan”, Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFs) talks with fellow Best Friend, Michelle Smith (@Mraven721)
on how this Michigan wife and mother of four became an Alison Rosen fan!
You won’t believe how many podcasts she listens to and can’t wait to have her back on a weekly episode to talk more @ARIYNBF!

“Hello Pervert” – Ep.25

This week, Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFS) is joined by OG Patroller, Animator To The Stars, The One And Only Jason Dix (@Woodloaf) To Discuss @ARIYNBF Episodes 10/3 & 10/6! We Talk about EVERYTHING from more LA Podfest, Sklar Bros. Randy and Jason (@SklarBros), Hot Hardcore History, Parenting Fears, Back Basement Freedom Pooping & Creepy Twins. ALSO, on the Thursday Show-Greg’s Seat Was Filled In Again By The Ever Funny Ali Segal (@OnlineAlison), Revelations In Bleach Drinking, Literature Leavin’ Grandma’s, Dating Apps, Being An Adult, The Body Of Christ Snack Chat Sent In By Emily (@Elsu55) AND BFF, Rafael, Becki and Jennifer all get HUGE Shout Outs For The Thursday Gang Gifts!
PLUS A Super Fun New Intro From Lee Bruns (@Leebruns1) AND Jason Dix Shares His Amazing Night Train Chugging Bum Gift For Baby Rosen-Quantz!! YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!

“Drive-By Vegetables” -Ep. 24

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFs) is joined by “Ultra Fan, L’il Raffi” In His Ill ‘fit, Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) and Long Time Alison Fan But New To Our Show, “Prairie Stalker” Lee Bruns (@SLBruns1) to discuss @ARIYNBF episodes 9/26 & 9/29. We talk about guest, comedian Cameron Esposito (@CameronEsposito), Lazy Eyes, Rockin’ Eye Patches, Stand-Up, Same Goals New Paths, Sky Fairies AND Thursday had Ali Segal (@OnlineAlison) Filling Greg’s Seat, We Get Corny, Friends vs. Seinfeld, More LA Podfest, Pooptarts, Obnoxious Piglet Buying Attitudes, MANY Levels of Drinking, Hold-Ups and Fronts!
PLUS, Lisa gets the day off from intro-ing because our guest brought a Daniel-esque INTRO FOR US!!! SOOO COOL!

“$1.29 Special” Live From LA Podfest

LA Podcast Festival 2016 Special Recap Episode with @jmoesandbffs, @rmcguitars, @zenerapark, @rajenki, @Tsdcx, Erin McWilliams, @DarcyStaniforth and @Jaynelear with some behind the scenes action @LAPodfest!
Recorded on an iphone to really get all of the ambiance of actually being there!! Enjoy!

“Fancastoncino” – Ep. 23

This week, Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFS), Ultra Fan Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) and TS (@TSDCX) discuss Girl Boss Sophia Amoruso (@SophiaAmoruso), Shoplifting, Freegans, Even More Fartiquette, JMOE Hate, Jensen Karp (@JensenKlan88) Taking a Dip In Thursday’s Jacuzzi To Fill In For Greg, Pepper is IN The Name, Pronunciations, Sixlets Suck, Great Advice, Honest Tweets From People Who Are Struggling PLUS WE CANNOT WAIT FOR LAPODFEST!!!

Friend’s Forever -Ep.22

This week Lisa Lawrie (@jmoesandbffs) and Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) go deep bro with Christina Pazsitzky (@ChristinaP), Log On to the Bristol Stool Chart, Messy Situations, Cincinnati Farts, Double Pipe Classics, Losing Yourself  in Motherhood, Pineapple Super Chunks, Even More Pumpkin Spice, Sneezy Peezy, Period Drop Biscuits,Three on The Tree, Scary Meat Cleavers, Nails, Wendy’s, Within a quarter Inch of Allison Rosen’s Other Show PLUS our favorite JMOES

“Boo-tter Friend’s Fancast” – Ep.21

Lisa Lawrie(@Jmoesandbffs) is joined by Demian Cordova (@SuperDemc) AND Ray Morgan (@RayMorganIII) to talk about How Much the 80’s Sucked, Henry Phillips (@Henlips), Drinking Away Shyness, Riding Out Embarrassing Moments, Daniel’s HUGE Mistake, Missing Greg, Stranger 80’s Things, Get Your Pizza Off My Nachos, Jenna’s Journal, Prom Smoothies, HJs, N’Oreos, Name Changers and the 80’s still sucking PLUS is Pumpkin Spice the New Agent Orange?

“Radder Things” – Ep. 20

This week, “FAN” Lisa (@Jmoesandbffs) and “Ultra Fan” Rafael (@RMCGuitars) give you a taste of the Alison Rosen Patreon Live Stream and First Bonus Episode. Then they go deep in to Greg Fitzsimmons’s (@Gregfitzshow) Rapey Point of View, Brave Alison, Sexy Yeast Infections, An AWESOME BFFancast Mention PLUS Sup Large Curds, Ali Michelle is Totally Rad, Surreal Thursday Gang Meetings at Jenna’s Live Show, Sour Soy Milk, Even Stranger Things…Surf, Sand & Banana Stands.
Mange Tous!
Intro  “Alison Is The Bomb” By The Huntingtons

“Channel 29” – Ep. 18

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBffs), Ray Morgan (@RayMorganIII) and Ultra Fan Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) get together to discuss Erin McGathy, Sun Haters, Ice Cream Crowns, Boob Nicknames, Hate Dreams, Kitty Lasagna, Pet Presents, Jenna’s Jokes, Jingles All The Way, Scary Movies, Fly Whispering, Oreos that go too far AND Jeff’s Salad Days…is there anything else?
PLUS Stay tuned in a future episode for a Rob and Kristen-esque reenactment of Lisa’s experience with a Craigslist buyer!

“Alison’s Edibles” – Ep. 17

This week Lisa (@Jmoesandbffs) is joined by TS (@TSDCX) and Rafael(@RMCGUITARS) to talk about Alison’s Childhood Idol, the Terminally Optimistic Mindy Cohn and the Positive Perspective on her life!
We also discuss Jerk Magnets,Luck,Nutter Butters,PartAAY Girl’s Dreamy Nuptuals,Mindy Better Keep Her Mitts Off Jeff,Jenna’s Journaling…or Whatever,Al’s Back, Advice Updates,Polarizing Apples,Wet Panties AND Giant Vaginas!

“Super,Ultra,OG…OH BOY!” – Ep.16

On this week’s episode Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESANDBFFS) is joined by “Ultra Fan” Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGUITARS), “Super FAN” Meghan Parkansky (@ZENERAPARK) and The One, The Only “OG Patroller” JASON DIX (@WOODLOAF) to talk about The Out Of Control Dave Coulier, Cut It Out with The Cut The Cheese, Daniel’s Awesome Intros,  Official ARIYNBF Fanclub Patreon Status, Accidental Sex Admissions, Advice Segment-Yes or No, A Very Special Super Fan Journal Passage, “EvAL”, In This Together Festival …PLUS DANIEL AND ALISON’S BIGGEST BABY NEWS OF ALLLLLLLL!!!

“Have’ A Nice Day” – Ep.15

On this week’s episode, Lisa (@Jmoeasandbffs) is back from the Twin Peaks Festival and is joined by co-host “L’il Raffi” Rafael Castaneda (@RMCguitars) to talk Spike Feresten, Nicknames, Pine Weasels, Seinfeld, The 3rd Kid Curse, Anxiety Dreams, Our LOVE of Pretty Woman, Maternity Clothes, Just Say No To Flared Jeans, Greg’s Journal Is Gold Jerry, Pillow Habits, Practic “AL”…AND SO MUCH MORE!

“Front and Center Monroe” – Ep.14 

Guest host “L’il Raffi” “Ultra Fan” “Been to Alison’s House” Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) and “Top Commenter” “Great Taste in Music” “Never At a Loss For Words” Leeann Ward (@LeeannMWard) talk Jonah Ray, overprotective fans, attention from parents, keeping a journal, disappearing segments, and an inside scoop. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY!!!!! Miss you Monroe!

“Thursday Night Club” – Ep. 13

Thursday Night Club” Episode 13
On this week’s Texas sized episode, Lisa (@JMOEsAndBffs), Ultra Fan Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) And FINALLY, REAL LIVE Person Brittany Johnson (@BrittanyAshlen) get together to talk about Neal Brennan, Breaking the Cycle of Bad Parenting, Star Fuckers, Depression, Crazy Dreams, Ration “Al” with A Special Clip Made By Jay (@J_Insley), Missing JKJ, Laundromats-cool hangouts or just scary, Colonel Jeff is Going Commando, Gummy Candy, Mangoes Still Suck and Greg’s Cool Restuarants PLUS stay tuned to the VERY end to hear Y’alls Heartfelt Alison and Daniel Baby Congratulations!!

“Here Comes BFFancast” – Ep. 12

This week on the totally unscripted reality episode of the Best Friend’s Fancast, Lisa (@JMOESandBFFS) is joined by Emily Q (@EmilyQ4Ever) Toby (@TMilt) and special guest appearance by Super Fan Meghan (@Zenerapark) to talk about the emotional return of Mary Katharine Ham, Living Through Tragedies With a Level Head, Carb Choices, Behind the Scenes Reality TV Talk and  Denial, Real Twighlight Zone Shit, Mangos Suck, Old Lady Bars of Soap, Pirate Joe, #Al Has Literally Done EVERYTHING, Colonel Heloise Fox PLUS TOO MUCH MORE!

“No Muff Too Tuff” – Ep.11

This episode is an estrogen filled, not so innocent Girl’s Night!
Lisa (@JmoesandBFFs) is joined by “Top Commenter” “LeeAnimal” Leann Ward (@LeeannMWard) and the return of ‘Jmoe Patrol Alumna’ Becki McClure (@Rajenki) to talk about <3 Greg Fitzsimmons<3 (Gas and all), Best Buddies, Swearing, Sad News, Being a “Cool” Parent, Colonel Jeff’s Jokes, Mockingbirds, A Courageous Ostomate, Pedicures and #Al are Manly,Vintage Dudes and Steampunk Bush PLUS so much MORE!

“Everything’s Coming Up Rosen” – Ep.9

Double your pleasure as we go deep in to Alison and Daniel’s EVEN BIGGER NEWS!! TS (@TSDCX), Ray (@RayMorganIII) and Newcomer Toby (@TMilt) join Lisa (@JMOESandBFFS) to discuss Meeting Our Own Idols, Raising & Choking Chickens, Gardens, Jenna’s New Real Housewife Obsession, Toxic Friendships, The Return of Dave Holmes AKA Vander Holmes Rules, Awkward School Experiences, Square Cheeseburger Eating Meth Head Prostitutes In Trunks, What Does Lisa Keep In HER Vans Box and how to dispose of it… PLUS Real Men Bake! HI BRITTANY!”

“Alison is Enceinte” Ep.8 –

On this week’s special episode,Lisa (@JmoesandBFFS) is joined by Demian (@SuperDemC), Adam (@Adaminabox), Super Fan Meghan (@Zenerapark) and cameo appearance by Ray (@RayMorganIII) as we talk about Alison’s and Daniel’s exciting BABY news!!!
We also wish Jenna Kim Jones a Happy 30th Birthday!
Plus we go deep in to giant Saggy Vaginas,Diets,Politics,Romantic Farts AND the ever funny repeat guest, Ben Gleib!

“Vander Chump Rules” Ep.7-

Start off your Bitchin’ Summer with this extra special extended episode!
Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFS) is joined by none other than, Top Commenter- Leeann Ward (@LeeAnnMWard), ULTRA Fan- “L’il Raffi” Rafael Castaneda (@RMCguitars-did you hear? He’s been to Alison’s house) AND SUPER FAN MEGHAN (@Zenerapark)!!!
We all get on our soap box to discuss Ben Hoffman…or Wheeler Walker Jr, Country Music Snobbery, Bad Brown Eye Jokes, Overalls Confidence, Wendy’s affiliation, is the poop on your butt really dead AND did you hear? Rafael has been to Alison’s house, at her dining room table…ON ARIYNBF!!

Best Friend’s Fancast Ep.6 – “Really Rosie Racist Raisin Balls”

On this week’s episode, TS (@tsdcx) joins me Lisa (@JMOESandBFFs) to talk about professional podcaster, Travis McElroy and The Really RosieThursday Gang show! We discuss such topics as Lisa’s Narcissister, Positivity, Controversial Brazil Nuts, Creepy Kids Authors and MUCH MORE!