Thump n’ Tinkle

This week, Lisa is joined by Luke Chastain, Tim Ortez and Leila Rollins to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Alison’s Hair Museum & Your Calls)” & “Greg Heller’s Baby Song, Jenna & Al’s Water Bugs, Alison’s Mosh Pits”
We talk Crazy Dreams, Blocking The Sun, Sleeping Upside Down, Stupid Jokes, Hair Collections, Parents’ Weird Found Objects, Tantric TV, Legacy Era Comfort, HB Culture, FaveMoes, Shout Outs and LK’s Childish Chat! 

Super Fan Meghan Parkansky TY4BF #8

On this “Thank You For Being A Fan” Edition of The BFF, We Oshkosh B’ Gosh, FINALLY got Super Fan Meghan!!!!
Meghan “Martha” Parkansky joins Lisa “Phil McCrevis” Lawrie and Rafael “Cafael Rastaneda” Castaneda to talk about everything From Wisconsin to California!
We get to hear everything from her working on documentaries and how she received the Super Fan title to her Alison Origin Story! 
We also give Meghan a Pop Cheese Quiz and go down memory lane, reminiscing about our friendships’ beginnings! 

Face Deep In Meat

This week, Lisa “L’il Damp” Lawrie and Rafael “Ass Eating Pioneer” Castaneda are joined by Dr. “Crickets” Jenn and Lauren “Vanna White Cap” Kelly to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and the Party Across The Street)”& “Lauren’s Palate, Jackie’s Engagement, Alison’s Puffy Sleeves”
We talk First Steps, Futon Fellas, Daniel’s Inventions, False Sense Of Covid Security, Bridging The Anal Lingus Gap, Picky Eating, Happier Hours, 3 Divorcees Cast, Oh Honey plus a live Childish Chat with LK AND Lots Of Shout Outs!!
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Whitney Chandler TY4BF #7

On this special “Thank You For Being A Fan” edition of the BFF, we welcome Whitney Chandler to the show! We talk about everything from music and sky diving to surviving quarantine! Whitney shares her Alison origin story in a fun new way by giving us a quiz! PLUS the Question Queen is challenged to a Question Off! 

BFF – Renee Colvert

On this very special bonus episode,  Lisa Lawrie  & Rafael “Tequila Kiddo” Castaneda our joined this week for the very first “ARIYNBF Players” Edition of the BFF by none other than Renee Colvert!!!!
We discuss Renee’s Alison Rosen Origin Story, Surviving Quarantine, The Magic Castle, Beverages of Choice, Landing In California and We Play Raffi’s Renee Quiz!!
PLUS We Plan Many MANY Future Renee Field Trips! Listen to Renee on Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast and of course, ARIYNBF!
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TY4BF #6 Super Fan Giovanni

On this special edition of the BFF, we welcome Adam Carolla Super Fan,  Giovanni to the show! We dive in to his interesting life, find out juicy behind the scenes Carolla details and hear his Alison Rosen origin story!
Please check out all things Giovanni at these links! – LoveLine ‘The Love Between The Two Hosts’ Official Youtube Channel – Carolla Classics on Podcastone – Home of Get It On the GIOPodcast (Classic LoveLine)
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Spare A Square

This week Lisa and Rafael are joined by Leeann and Whitney to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Alison and Daniel Plus Your Calls and A Canadian Plea” & “Jordan’s Neighbor, Joe’s Girlfriend’s Groceries, Alison’s Taste Buds”
We Talk, Eating On The Pot, Baby Name Game, How We Are Coping, Carb Assault, Less Negs/More Pos, Chat Buffs, Butt Abuse, Fave Moe’s, LK’s Childish Chat and SHOUT OUTS!
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BYOF – Becki McClure

Previously recorded interview Ashley did with with Becki McClure when the BFF was JMOE Patrol. She was one of the first Alison People we had the honor to meet. She lived life to the fullest and never let anything come between her and what she wanted to do. She was a big part of the Alison Rosen Best Friends Fancast family. An amazing person and true friend. She will be truly missed.

Cupid’s Kielbasa

This week Lisa “Boo Bubble Girl” Lawrie & Rafael “Double Dipper” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Christina P Is A Warrior” & “Lockdown, Your Calls, The Quantz Method For Perfect Sleep”
We talk 80’s Wrestling, Post Fartum, Living Truth, Country Music, Rubbing Dirty Off, BadiGuyos, Bizarro Meghan, Outting TP Hoarders, Covid Chat, Shout Outs, Call Outs and LK’s Childish Chat!
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BFFantasia #200 !!!!!!!!

This week BFF celebrates our 200th episode with an annual group recording Alison Weekender! Lisa and Rafael are joined by Super Fan Meghan, TS, Paul, Ray, Laure and Sandra to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Lindsay DeFranco Is Happier” & ” Jordan’s Working Space, Daniel’s Nose Hairs, Mickey Mouse Shorts”
We talk Internet Meetups, Self Lovin’, Obsessive Share Culture, Chodes, Grundles, Taints, Gooches, Gunts and FUPAS!

PLUS we do SHOUT OUTS and an extensive Chat Snack with Patreon Carb submissions (Apologies for the chewing)
ALSO we get LK’s Childish Chat!!
Special Thank You To Dr. Jenn, Stacie and Joanna for hanging out!
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Loose Seat Sandwich #199.9 (SF Sketchfest 2020)

On this SUPER SPECIAL Edition of the BFF, Lisa Lawrie and Rafael Castaneda are joined by BFFs~Super Fan Meghan, TS, Becki McClure, Luke Chastain, Paul and Erin Engstrom to recap the @ARIYNBF Sketchfest episode “Kirsten Vangsness, Tony Thaxton & The Angoras Live from San Francisco!”
We discuss everything about our fun San Francisco weekend and do a disgusting Chat Snack PLUS LK’s Sketchfest Childish Chat!
Special thank you to Demian, Stacie and Sandra for hanging out with us as well!! 
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Kok #199

This week Lisa Lawrie and Toby Milton discuss the Monday episode “Drew Van Acker Like Jumping From Planes”

We talk Termite Swan Song, Big Pretty Lies, Private Privates, Wrongful Evictions, Lost Property News, Brad Smitten, Dragging Doors, Shout Outs and LK’s Childish Chat!
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L Squared #198

On this extended holiday edition of BFF, Lisa Lawrie and Leeann Ward discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Troy Johnson Has Some Regrets” & “Ben’s Campaign Trail Stories, A Disneyland Adventure, New Zealand Snack Chat”
We talk Farm To Fable, Leann’s Love Of Brad Pitt, To Termite Or Not To Termite, Sexualized Super Bowl, Banana Lovin, Campaign Snail Trail, #WheresMySnacks?!, Solo Adventures, Shout Outs and LK’s Childish Chat!
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Catch That Crack #197

On this California Coolin’ episode,  Lisa “Oops” Lawrie & Rafael “Compton Creeper” Castaneda are on location in Raffi’s apartment celebrating a CaliRaffi’s Warming and to discuss the @ARIYNBF shows~”Jessica Chaffin” & “Alison’s Dumb Question, Tonys’s Gold Record, TJBs” plus we are joined midway by Meghan “Screw On” Parkansky , Dr. “Hot Car, Hot Food” Jenn and a Facetime with Lauren “House Of Mouse” Kelly!
We talk Termite Updates, Vanity, Exfoliation, Housewives, Whitney C’s Great Q’s, Gold Records, Old Mother Patties, Honky Tony, Eating A…88, Mounting Mt. Baldy, Group Recording and Shout Outs!
*****The Facetime with Lauren was almost entirely inaudible but we left some in…for fun!
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AccidAnal #195

In an effort to get this out ASAP,  Lisa recorded this short, sweet and solo. She discussed the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Joel Stein Owns Salmon Pants” & “Wendy’s 14 Hour VHS Special, Dave’s Canada Trip, An Impromptu Spelling Test” 
Topics include- Multiple BFFs, Embracing Opposing Opinions, Potato Power Potential, Realistic Water Breakin, Societal Changes, Old Fashion Statements, Guess Who’s Faking, JMOE chatter, Mensies, Shout Outs and LK’s Childish Chat!! 
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May Day! #194

This week Lisa “Sweets Guy” Lawrie and Rafael “Lights Out” Castaneda meet up in Fullerton CA to NOT go to Tiny Stills but to sit in a car after having a few too many and record a conversation about the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Adam Ferrara Is Changing” & ” Kevin’s Maisel Trip, Jackie Quiz, Alison’s Palindromes”

We have a PLETHORA of SHOUT OUTS and we revisit the previous week a bit, also we talk Pain & Suffering, Tea-John Rage, Vampire Jackie, Marvelous Mr. Porter, Gushing for Alison, California Jerk Off, Tiny Bit Of Packer Hate, Corey Hard On, SF Sketchfest updates, Group Recording Countdown, Rip Van Raffi Strikes Again While Lisa Finishes So…low PLUS LK’s Childish Chat! 
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