Fingerblasting Flavor

On this week’s Director’s Cut, Lisa “Earl Of Sandwich” Lawrie and Rafael “Creamy Heat Seeker” are joined by Meghan “Blastin” Parkansky and Demian “Resident Bug Guy” Cordova to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Doc Alison)” & “Kevin T Porter’s Mixed Feelings, Demi Adejuyigbe’s Bagels, Wishbone The Dog” 
Special Features: Intermittent Fast Food, Silencing Fart Guns, Bug Assault, Keepers Of The Loaf, Demi-Tude, PooLitics, F-Rosen Meals, Prostituting For Perks, Missing BFF Partays, Heated Butter SANDWICH Debacle Debunked, Shout Outs, LK’s Childish Chat and LOTS O’ LIKES (Sorry Lee)!

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