Catch That Crack #197

On this California Coolin’ episode,  Lisa “Oops” Lawrie & Rafael “Compton Creeper” Castaneda are on location in Raffi’s apartment celebrating a CaliRaffi’s Warming and to discuss the @ARIYNBF shows~”Jessica Chaffin” & “Alison’s Dumb Question, Tonys’s Gold Record, TJBs” plus we are joined midway by Meghan “Screw On” Parkansky , Dr. “Hot Car, Hot Food” Jenn and a Facetime with Lauren “House Of Mouse” Kelly!
We talk Termite Updates, Vanity, Exfoliation, Housewives, Whitney C’s Great Q’s, Gold Records, Old Mother Patties, Honky Tony, Eating A…88, Mounting Mt. Baldy, Group Recording and Shout Outs!
*****The Facetime with Lauren was almost entirely inaudible but we left some in…for fun!
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