May Day! #194

This week Lisa “Sweets Guy” Lawrie and Rafael “Lights Out” Castaneda meet up in Fullerton CA to NOT go to Tiny Stills but to sit in a car after having a few too many and record a conversation about the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Adam Ferrara Is Changing” & ” Kevin’s Maisel Trip, Jackie Quiz, Alison’s Palindromes”

We have a PLETHORA of SHOUT OUTS and we revisit the previous week a bit, also we talk Pain & Suffering, Tea-John Rage, Vampire Jackie, Marvelous Mr. Porter, Gushing for Alison, California Jerk Off, Tiny Bit Of Packer Hate, Corey Hard On, SF Sketchfest updates, Group Recording Countdown, Rip Van Raffi Strikes Again While Lisa Finishes So…low PLUS LK’s Childish Chat! 
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