JMOE Patrol ep.17 – “Toots, Plops & Drops Edition”

Toots, Plops and Drops?! What the what is this? Well, it’s all about YOU the listeners and fellow ARIYNBF fans. Listen to @jmoesandbobos and @bslamin read a train load of your tweets and find out more, like, where does this show title even come from and what does it all mean? Also, we learn about the bathroom etiquette of fowl, completely botch everyone’s twitter names, and @jmoesandbobos struggles to say A R I Y N B F.
Keep the tweets coming and board the TOOT TOOT Train because this is ALL about YOU and your fandom-isms of ARIYNBF and The JMOE Patrol.
Allllllllll Abooaaaard! Toot Toot! Tweet Tweet!

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