Tres Leche Takes The Cake #158

This week Lisa Lawrie “Franks A’ Lot”¬† and Rafael “Lyin’ King” Castaneda are joined by Toby “Was Sap” Milton to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Josh Gondelman Did Not Faint During This Podcast” & “Alison Doesn’t Care, Jordan Is Commuting, Renee Digs Windchimes”
We discuss Pep Chalkin’, GorexAphobia, Game Of Phones, Peanut Buddies In A Jam Apps, Gifs That Keep On Gifin’, Sleeping On Small Mattress Problems, Hunger Down To Fast, Productive Feedback¬† AND BUTTLOADS OF SHOUT OUTS!
This was neither Pun to Put together nor Punny in any way. I’m Toadly Sorry…not sorrey, eh.
****apologies for audio…I would blame canada but, I just can’t