Tres Leche Takes The Cake #158

This week Lisa Lawrie “Franks A’ Lot”  and Rafael “Lyin’ King” Castaneda are joined by Toby “Was Sap” Milton to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Josh Gondelman Did Not Faint During This Podcast” & “Alison Doesn’t Care, Jordan Is Commuting, Renee Digs Windchimes”
We discuss Pep Chalkin’, GorexAphobia, Game Of Phones, Peanut Buddies In A Jam Apps, Gifs That Keep On Gifin’, Sleeping On Small Mattress Problems, Hunger Down To Fast, Productive Feedback  AND BUTTLOADS OF SHOUT OUTS!
This was neither Pun to Put together nor Punny in any way. I’m Toadly Sorry…not sorrey, eh.
****apologies for audio…I would blame canada but, I just can’t

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