Devil’s Threeway #147

This week Lisa Lawrie¬†@JmoesandBffs) and Rafael “Golden Shower” Castaneda(@RMCGuitars) are joined by first timer and special guest Erin Thomas (@E_Cupcakes) to discuss the¬†@ARIYNBF Episodes~ Marcella Arguello Has A Temper (But She Doesn’t Yell)” & “David’s Puerto Rico Saga, A Baby Update, Bird Pee: Good Or Bad Luck”
We talk Colorism, Honest Bitchery, Hometown Pride Hatred, Childish Chat, Powdered Orgasmic Sperm, Colvert Corner, Puerto Falso Rico, David’s Trippin’, Mucous Unpluggin’, Bad Apples Infecting iTunes Comments, Death By Leftovers, Poop Utes, Shout Outs and Call Outs!
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