Gentleman’s C #92

Here is the second episode from last week where Lisa (@Jmoesandbffs), Rafael (@RMCGuitars) and Tryce (@TSDCX) discuss our San Francisco Sketch Fest Weekend including the@ARIYNBF Sketchfest Episode with Jeanine Garofalo and Matt Nathanson!

We discuss Guy Fairy’s Insecurity, Matt’s Fans, Jeanine’s Super Diet, Alison Sparkles, Shmanners, Jordan Jesse Go, Animal Style Peacoats, California Assholes, Overrrated Tourist Attractions, Onesie Bar Crawls, Getting Lost, Tiki Bars, Lock Outs, Car Crashes, Regrettable Gifts and Dms.

PLUS some on location clips from SF Sketchfest with Super Fan Meghan (@Zenerapark), Rafael (@RMCGuitars), Rachel (ItsSimplyRachel),Tryce (@TSDCX), Becki @Rajenki), Stacie (@Spainiac)and Suzanne (@PastLifeBeans)!

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