Dickmann In A Biscuit #72

This week Lisa Lawrie(@JmoesandBffs) & Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) are joined by Ray Morgan (@RayMorganIII) to talk this week’s @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “Larry Miller Returns” & “Alison’s Funway, Daniel’s T.V. Ghost, Sassy Dog Shirts”
We discuss The Soothing Sounds Of Larry Miller, Accidental Stuntman, Drinking Hiatus, Overrated Snacks, Fussy Adults, Kink Shaming, Super Dickmanns, Patreon Teasers, Flip Flop Culture, Martini’s with Musso, Frank, Wyatt, Manny AND Sonny!
iTunes Artwork by Ray Morgan (RAYMORGANIII)
Posted To iTunes By Jason Dix (@WoodLoaf)​

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