Topless Tapas #68

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JMOEsandBFFs) & Rafael “Santos L. Helper” Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) is joined By ‘Super Fan’ Meghan Parkansky (@Zenerapark) & ‘Unquantifiable Fan’ Britt Kusserow (@BrittKusserow) to discuss @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Dustin Marshall” & “Alison’s Door Weirdness, Jordan Morris’s Hand Cramps, Butt Lizards”
We talk Feral Audio, Podcast Obsessions, Overcoming Shitty Childhoods, Therapy, Bloody Mary Clams, Passable Carbs, Super Unsexy Gaming Hands, Vorarephilia, Fucked Out Fetishes, Jenna & Al’s New Headboard Update, Renee’s New Dog AND A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!!!!!
iTunes Artwork by Ray Morgan (@RAYMORGANIII)
Posted To iTunes by Jason Dix (@WoodLoaf

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