Nothing Bundt Uranus #47


This week Lisa (@JmoesandBffs) is joined by Shera (@Shera_P_Rox) and Mica (@MICADIY) to Discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes- “Bob Saget” and “Alison’s Alienating You, Jenna Digs Tiny Bundts, Daniel’s A Ragtime Cowboy”
We talk Bob Saget’s Return(@BobSaget), DM Slippage, Corny Poop, Laughing Til You Fart, David HuntsBerger (@Huntsberjunk) Joins The Thursday Gang, Naming Your Kid Horrible Names like Le-A not to be confused with La-Le…Extended Breastfeeding, You Must Remember Sinatra’s Trip In To Outer Space and so much MORE!

If you would like to read Shera’s blog, here is the link:


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