Bad Apples – Episode 39

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFs) is joined by “Extraordinary Fan” Becki McClure (@Rajenki), Jason “Fort” Dix (@WoodLoaf) and Special appearance By Mrs Amanda Dix to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes- ‘Rachel Bloom’ (@Racheldoesstuff) & ‘Skunk Mania,The Return Of HGFY and Bear Horns’ w/Sean Jordan (@SeanSJordan)
We Talk Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Stalking Made Easy, Science Of Love, Agnostic Perspectives, East Covina, Cool Ranch Superiority, Alison’s Perfect Crotch, Skunkie Rats, Lactation ConsulCunts, Del vs. Bell, Fried Taste Buds AND Big Mac Bottom Bun Bell Beefer Royales with Jack Sauce!
Ps…SUP Henny!

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