JMOE Patrol ep.3 – “JMOEF’s, JMOE Resuces, NEOM’s and More!”

Hey there! The Patrol is back for episode 3, can you even contain yourselves? We can’t! So much so that we have an extra long special Alison Piece Theater hosted by Meghan featuring our beloved Jason Dix. We also do “All Things Alison”, “JMOE Jabber”, #JMOEF, #JMOEResuce, #NEOM and introducing “On The Spot!”
Coming out shortly, we have our first three #BYOF’s we’re preparing to air, so much fun! Remember, this show is created by the fans FOR the fans, your fellow “best friends” if you will. Tweet us @JMOEPatrol to be featured on our show! Akabye!

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