“Hello Pervert” – Ep.25

This week, Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBFFS) is joined by OG Patroller, Animator To The Stars, The One And Only Jason Dix (@Woodloaf) To Discuss @ARIYNBF Episodes 10/3 & 10/6! We Talk about EVERYTHING from more LA Podfest, Sklar Bros. Randy and Jason (@SklarBros), Hot Hardcore History, Parenting Fears,¬†Back Basement Freedom Pooping & Creepy Twins. ALSO, on the Thursday Show-Greg’s Seat Was Filled In Again By The Ever Funny Ali Segal (@OnlineAlison), Revelations In Bleach Drinking, Literature Leavin’ Grandma’s, Dating Apps, Being An Adult, The Body Of Christ Snack Chat Sent In By Emily (@Elsu55) AND BFF, Rafael, Becki and Jennifer all get HUGE Shout Outs For The Thursday Gang Gifts!
PLUS A Super Fun New Intro From Lee Bruns (@Leebruns1) AND Jason Dix Shares His Amazing Night Train Chugging Bum Gift For Baby Rosen-Quantz!! YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!

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