JMOE Patrol ep.22 – “Bring your Tin Foil Hat & Zombie Goose Repellent”

Hi! It’s the Patrollers coming at ya again with some “All Things Alison, “JMOE Jabber” #JMOEF #NEOM and despite Lisa not wearing her extra foil hat in order to stay connected for recording, (aka, technical difficulties) we do #JMOERescue!!

Also, on this date number eight, Brianne talks NAZI ZOMBIES & what it’s like dining in the “jungles of Maine”, Lisa talks throwing money at strippers & where she was proposed to (unrelated), Jason is red dust, throws his water bottle at his door & reveals a #NEOM you’ll find hard to, ahem, swallow AND Ashley remembers the Alamo & talks about her grandparent-eating pet geese! 

Then we do  #OnTheSpot ARIYNBF FAN MADLIB edition… “The Latest Dance Craze”!! 

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