This week Lisa “Jack Sauce” Lawrie & Rafael “Host With The Least” Castañeda are driving and discussing the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Daniel and Alison (Your Calls and Daniel’s Texas Rant” & “Paul Rust’s Travel Mugs, Michael Cassidy’s Dad’s Photo, A Word Pronunciation Quiz”
We talk Hometown Pride, Smarty Pants, Disorderly Eating, Carb Loading, Stuffin Turkeys, Vans Boxes Buzzin’, Proper Diction, Shout Outs AND Whitney C’s Q’s!

Blink Twice

Revelations!  Guest hosts Tryce, Dr. Jenn and Leeann read everyone for filth, and no one is safe from the ROASTING.  Moded and Corroded.  Strap in to hear your regular hosts get CUCKED.
Plus: Whitney C’s Qs, a message from Raf & Lisa featuring Lauren K and EC Jenn (formerly NC Jenn).  And Golf Chat!