Dairy Girls

The Critics Assocation (Tryce, Leeann & Superfan Meghan) are here to discuss the Monday episode (Alison & Tod) and the Thursday show featuring Emily Fleming, the return of Niccole Thurman.

Also: Meghan made cheese!  Leeann’s secret personal life, revealed.  Stealing from work, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Beef Dunkies research and more.

Wayward Home for Boys

Reflecting on the annual BFFancast weekend! A heart to heart about matters of the heart! Robin appreciation! Dick Taters, getting into bed with your friends (literally) and more!

Plus, Lisa & Tryce discuss Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend.

As mentioned in the episode:

Psychology Today therapist search:


Menty BFF 8th Anniversary

It’s The 8th Anniversary Group Record Alison Weekender Special! 

Lisa is joined by Rafael, Lauren, Tryce, Scott, Paul, Dr. Jenn, Dr. Angela, Adrian, Ray, Super Fan Meghan, Jess, Whitney and Matt to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Laurel Bristow” & “Emily Fleming’s Brass Knuckles, Jordan Morris’s Food Fears, Daniela’s Zagat Rating”

We talk Alison, Do a live and in person Whitney C’s Q, BFF Hotline Calls, Shout Outs, Lots of Drinking and derailments plus a Loosey Goosey  Chat Snack at the very end!  Enjoy, won’t you?


This week, Lisa and Tryce discuss the Monday episode and DRs Angela and Joanna join Lisa to discuss the Thursday show…We Smear the Q, Wear ALL of the Swatch Watches, Fill McCrevis’s Out, Take Willy Nilly Drugs, Decipher TarotBle Card Readings, Eat THICC Dairy n’ Tinned Fish… plus MANY BFF Hotline calls, a chat snack and Shout Outs!

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Mein Shaft

This week, Lisa and Tryce discuss the Monday show “Cole Imperi” where they talk about The Tone Naked Zone, Forgettable States of Mind, Illogical Fears, Unwelcome Entrances, Christian Quest for Judaism, Death and Dying (7:15-12:15)

and Lisa and Dr. Jenn are in person to discuss the Thursday show “Gate Keeping, Guest Bathroom Etiquette, Owen’s Birthday” where they talk about The Best Coast, Fresh Carbs, Ken Reid’s One Man Show, RJ Pity, Crashing Parties, Forceful Pee, Cutting the Cottage Cheese, Get Fucked and FaveMOes!PLUS we did Shout OUTS!

Pretty & Smart & Nice

Cults! Lisa Updates, and also has seasonal robes! Black & white cookies, a call on the Parkansky line (1:33:11), and so on.

Also! We get around to discussing the Monday show with Sarah Edmondson (19:15), the Thursday show with JKJ, Al and Tony (44:10).

Tryce’s Recs:

1. The annual High & Mighty “Being Fat” episode featuring Mike Mitchell- https://tinyurl.com/2p847n97

2. The anonymous blog post about moving to another country and found themselves in a toxic marriage- https://www.tumblr.com/xzx-xzx

Best Frottage Fancast

This week Lisa is joined by Tryce to discuss a little to much about Lisa’s life BUT they did get to talking about the ARIYNBF episodes~ “Matt Lieb” & “Mike’s Oral Hygiene, Jeff’s Foot Dexterity, Words and Phrases We Hate”

Its aggressively mediocre from Karpe BMs & Lots O’ Porn to Slang & BeZzzt Drinking Water…PLUS shout outs of course! 

Sunday FunghiDay

This week, Lisa is joined in person by Super Fan Meghan, Jess and Joanna to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Daniel and Alison (Your Calls, Is Alison Becoming A Furry” & “Gigachads, Canada’s Big Apple, Revolting Fantasies”

We talk Nip Tassles (OF COURSE), No Doubt Connections, The Callers, Mushrooming, Trojan Horse Of Carbs, Scabies Baybeee, Baby Bok Choy Baybeeeee, Calling All Cowardly Lesbians, Covid Free Sister Hood, Walking In The Right Dimensions, Tonys Moving Fast, Sad Trippin’, Prank Shows, Windy Ears, Impromptu Psychedelic Chat Snack and Shout Outs!

N Joy

BFF Xmas In December

A special BFF Christmas in December, featuring Lisa, Joanna, Superfan Meghan, Dr. Angela, Scott and Tryce.

Topics include: A delicious Tam O‘Shanter dinner, dessert chat, a frank Dorf discussion, EXTENDED queef discourse, and more! Plus: messages from Dr. Jenn, a Q from Whitney C, and a call from somebody’s mom.

Sponsored by $twinkcoin!

Bang Up Team Time!

Hey BFFs, it’s Bang Up Team Time! This week, Lisa “Lipless” is joined by “Puddin Hole” Jenn and “Bougie $u$ie” Luke to discuss the @ArIYNBF episodes~ “Kurt Braunohler Is Back” & “Quirky Canadian Roommates, Daniel’s Wet Bread, Bath Mat Chat”
Thay talk-Lobbying Hobbies, Cancelledsgiving, Kevinique, Bad TV taste, Sphinterless Afterlife, Human centipede, Roominates, Potential Serenated Golden Showers, Brad Pudding, Pedestrian Pumpkin Pie, Pizza No No, Spammy Pudding, Accidentally Mulleted, Shout Outs and Call Outs!

Latch Key Skids

This week, Lisa is joined IN PERSON by Dr. Jenn, Dr. Angela, Dr. Joanna and Dr. Super Fan Meghan to discuss the @ARIYNBFepisodes ~ “Dave Hill Is Back” & “Bolo Ties, A Fungus Among Us, Happy Halloween!”

We talk Toast Tents Mother Fuckers, Good Decisions, Dawn Weiner, Apple Cider Triple D, Random Molars, Fun Guys, Ringworm Sisters, Poop Burgers, Enjoyable Textures, Getting Validated, Old People Candies,Public School Behavior, Chat Snack,Shout Outs and Halloweinie Plans! PLUS A SUPER SPECIAL SPOOKY INTRO BY TRYCE… ENJOY!!

Pööp Shööt

This Week Lisa “Butthole Doodler” is joined by Jenn “Wet n’ Wild” & Luke “Team Murken” to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Mark Armstrong” & ” Audience Pops, One-Star Reviews, Alison Names The Planets”

We talk Being Young n’ Sloppy, Book Club Snoozin’, Polite Dangerous Seattleites, Sleeping Through Alarms, Mediocre Carbs, Wrestler Excitement, Moms Planet Noodle, Dessert Ruining Dinner, Poop Vaccums, QuiZzzz, Shout Outs, FaveMOE’s, Unworthy, Whitney C’s Q’s and tons of random Shit n’ Urban Dictionary Rabbit Holes…ENJOY!

Souled Out

This week Lisa “Loose Cannon” Lawrie and Rafael “Jogdish” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~”Ryan Bailey” & “Soul Sweatshirts, Under-Desk Hammocks, Daniel’s Eye Doctor Girlfriend”

Shout Outs, UNvitations, Termighty, Pre Wedding Cheese, Vision Boreds, Two Ciders To Alison, Hayseedwood, Drinking No Mo Mo MOs, Offensive Carb Submissions, Foxy Dreamboats,  sub par textiles, Soul Dogs, Gun Show freebies, Parenting Confushion, Dawn Weiner’s in The Hizzy, Little Shits With Mangy Hooves ruining STUFF, Hard Backstories, Cheese n’ Scrotum and FaveMOE…Enjoy!

64.5 Minutes of Unqualified Alison Praise

This week Special Guest Hosts, Whitney “32 oz. Beverage” C.& Matt “Von Karmans Carb Sleuth” to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes “Mary Holland” & “Canadian Passive Aggressiveness, Extreme Cheese, The Perfect Salesman”
They talk Termite Updates, Climate Woes, Being PatreHonored, Corny Corn, School Days Ways, Go Get Em Mary Holland Humorless, Double Barrel First Names, The Icing Takes The Frosted Cake, Map Eye Openers, DE-Cals not Deckles, Bleuch Cheese, Skeeters, BRING SNACK CHAT BACK, FaveMOE’s, Shout Outs and Whitney C n’ Matt Wanna Know!

Weiner By Proxy

This week, Lisa is joined in person by Joann to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Bald Bryan Returns” & “Geriatric Mean Girls, Overly Immersive Theatre, Jimmy Pardo’s Labrum”

They talk Big A’s Bad Boy Takeover Attempt, Bloody Tips, Missing The tip, Putting The Tip On ice, Finding the tip,Tips in Your purse, Sucking the mushroom tip, Scrambed Legs in bed, Hot dog trauma, Craving hot dogs, Hot dog pockets, Bicycle gangs, The McDonald’s, Raw corn Doggin’,Dumb n Thumber, Firemen, Baking Nazis, Kidnappin’ Fun, Nice Trips, Shout Outs, FaveMOEs, Unworthy and Whitney C’s Q’s!

PP Salad

This week Lisa “Carb Hungry” Lawrie and Rafael “Public Enemy Numero Uno” Castañeda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~”Babs Gray” & “Shower Buckets, Spencer’s Gifts, Sexy Reptiles”

We talk Big A’s Bad Boy Takeover, Bonified Alcoholics, No-MO MO-MO, What Should Leeann Drink, ExxxSpencer’s Gifts, Golden Shower to End The Drought, Picking Card Shuffling Sides, Lizard Absurdity, Suitcase Cheese, Carb Hoggin, TeKillia, Sombrero Flops, Shout Outs, FaveMOEs and Whitney C’s Q’s!