Champignon #175

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael “Crystal Daddy” Castaneda are joined  by Lauren “Miss Mushroom” Kelly to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes “Erin Foley Is Tired Of Hearing About Ghosts” &” Kevin’s Adult Friendships, Daniel’s Brookies, Alison’s Skype Struggle”
We do a round of Shout Outs, Catch Up On Childish Live, then talk Trapping Topics, Fun Alison Merch, Scared Shitless, Crystals Hoodoo, Food Mixups, Prequels, Go To Snackins, Making Friends PLUS THE LAUREN QUIZ!!!!!!!!
and…HAPPY BIRTHDAY No Bone Tone Zone Hunky TONY the Beast!!!
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Beast Friends #174

This week, Lisa “Like” Lawrie and Rafael “Useless Balls” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Laura London Is Giving It A Year” & “Kevin’s Horny Summer, Renee’s Avocado Shirt, TV Talk”
We talk about our opinion on Tony “Beast” Thaxton, Backwards Dog Culture, Big Moving, Throwing Foods, Romper Stompers, Colorado Love, Camp Stalking, Horny Summers, Fucking Stupid Ass iTunes Comment and LOTS OF SHOUT OUTS! 
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Brown Clamshell #173

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “Bill Corbett Is Smarterand Nice” & “The John Henson Quiz, Daniel VS. The Rat, A Neighbor Update”
We talk Mystery Science Nerds, Riffin’ Facts Of Life, Hunky Tony Doesn’t Need a Nickname, Naps, Movie Memories, Summer Parenting, Rats and Shout Outs!
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Sweet Box #172

This week Lisa “German Pancake” Lawrie and Rafael “Fun Buns” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Matt Gourley Hates Your Fake” & “Tony Quiz, Snack Chat, David’s Podcast Script”
We talk Nickname Inundation, Growing Up Fat, Poor or Bussed In, Acceptable Pervert Past, Childish Chat, LK’s Snack Chat Tease, Capri Confrontation, Tony Quizzed and Tons of Shout Outs!
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Heads & Tails #170

This week Lisa “Crafty” Lawrie and Rafael “L’il Chestnut” Castaneda are joined by Leeann “the Poet” Ward to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Erica Rhodes Regrets Those Pants” & “Jordan’s Tips, Daniel’s Tattoos, Alison’s New Neighbors”
We talk Therapy Relations, Sitting Weird, Secretive Intimacy, Forbidden Lowest Hanging Fruit Snatchin, B-Hole Bangor, Surname Origins, Blue Saloon Comedic Genius, Racist Pageantry, The Biggest Love, Shout Outs, Fave MOE’s and SO MUCH MORE…or Less! 
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Sausage Sample #169

This week Lisa “Pizza” Lawrie and Rafael “The Colorado Kid” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Paul Rust Has Injured His Pinkies” & “Daniel’s Doodles, A Call From Ray, Claude Kent”
We talk Capricious Opinions, Defining Friendships, Rhyme Time, Lame Nicknamin’, Dog DNoNo, Identifying Dr. D, Nugget Madness, Risky Phone Calls, Lots O’ Shout Outs and our new “Truly Tasteless” Segment! 
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Moist Loaf #167

This week “EdseLisa” Lawrie and Rafael “Latin Username” Castaneda are joined by Ray “Fruit Cake” Morgan to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Joey Fatone Sets The Record Straight” & “Earthquakes, Reality Shows, Wedding Hashtags”
We talk NStyncs, Untruthful Berries, Bro-Outs, Childish Chatter, Earth To Mars, Carb Loading, Screen SaveReality, Earthquake Ill-Preparedness, JMOEs, Call Outs, Shout Outs and MUCH MORE!
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Rim Job #165

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael ‘84% Rhymin’ Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Tony Thaxton Is Kind Of A Big Deal” & “David’s Spider Jars, Wendy’s Night Ladies, No Robe Tony”
We talk Super Man Posers, Smooth Privates, Seinfeld Minutia, Smelly Q, Childish Anger, Hot Finger Tony, Turning On/Off Fetish Guys, Grade A Leeann, She/Her Ally Ward, Nighty Night Shady Lady, Slippery Slope Robes, JMOE Confessional Confessions, SHOUT OUTS and CALL Outs!
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Super Nice Fan Audio Vérité Bonus! #164.08

Super Fan Meghan and Nice Tryce met up in LA and recorded a thing!
Here is a bonus recording of Meghan and Tryce loosely talking about the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Kristina Kuzmic Is A Cheerleader for Moms” & “Alison Messes Up, Tony Needs A Name, David Does True Crime”
They contribute to the BFF quilt by shooting the shit about everything from Oprah Fandom and Pullman or Paxton to sneaky DNA collection, all while Meghan plays John Madden Football…Winning!!!!
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Jay Has Scrapple With A Fox! #164

Special guest host Jay Insley @j_insley covers four ARIYNBF episodes. We discuss “Beth Stelling Didn’t Mean to Hurt Your Feelings”, “Greg Nibbles, Tony Gets Ready, Jeff Says Goodbye”, “Kristina Kuzmic Is a Cheerleader for Moms” and “Alison Messes Up, Tony Needs a Name, David Does True Crime”

Jeff Fox @ColonelJeffFox visits and Lisa Lawrie @BFFLisaLawrie says Hi!

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Mys’Try Episode #162

Special guest host TS has a show full of…well, containing SOME surprises!  The ARIYNBF episode discussed is “Gorilla Breakfasts, Humiliating Job Duties, Some Show News”, also a little catching up with other parts of Rosenation.  
Oh, yeah; also the Monday episode, “B** G**** is Running for President”…
Plus: a shocking disclosure, and some show news of our own!
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Schwing #161

This week Lisa “Hola” Lawrie and Rafael “Brown Betty” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Keanu Owes Rachel O’Brien An Email” & “Jeff’s Non-Punk Rock Jobs, Getting Older, SSRIs”
We talk Creep’Ymails, Vander Rump Stools, Small Town Fats, Love Bus, Tickling ASMRs, 5 Hour Extremely Douchie Energy Drinks, DARE To Make Another ARIYNBF Shirt, Jeff’s Irish Goodbyes, Cool Canadian Recaps n’Drops Eh, Alison’s Juicy Beef, Hurting Daniels Ego, Patreon Pushin’, Childish Chat, Shout Outs, Call Outs and NEW Segment “On The Fence”!
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Canada For Dummies #160

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael “Real Burrito” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “David Burtka Is Living A More Authentic Life” & “Canada Calls In, Alison Is Wrong, Daniel Comes Undone”
We talk Party Lifestyles, Jeff’s Newberries, Mistaken Lollipop Etiquette, Going Deep Inside Renee, Daniel’s Code Red, Eric’s Crushin’ It, Comment Fake Out, FuSilly Challenge, Canada Teaches America, ColoRADical Pronouncations, Serenity Now, Scattered Brains, JMOE Confessional, Callouts and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF SHOUT OUTS! 
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Solo Sundae #159

Lisa Lawrie gratuitously goes solo again to talk about the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “Lori Gottlieb Doesn’t Bullshit Her Patients” & “Canadian Service Berries, Eric’s Love Life, Getting On Jeopardy”

I talk about all sides of therapy, NextWhore App, Canadian Racists, Newberries, Poutine Curds, More Bickersons, Shout Outs AND The Arrival of JMOE Confessional!

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Tres Leche Takes The Cake #158

This week Lisa Lawrie “Franks A’ Lot”  and Rafael “Lyin’ King” Castaneda are joined by Toby “Was Sap” Milton to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Josh Gondelman Did Not Faint During This Podcast” & “Alison Doesn’t Care, Jordan Is Commuting, Renee Digs Windchimes”
We discuss Pep Chalkin’, GorexAphobia, Game Of Phones, Peanut Buddies In A Jam Apps, Gifs That Keep On Gifin’, Sleeping On Small Mattress Problems, Hunger Down To Fast, Productive Feedback  AND BUTTLOADS OF SHOUT OUTS!
This was neither Pun to Put together nor Punny in any way. I’m Toadly Sorry…not sorrey, eh.
****apologies for audio…I would blame canada but, I just can’t

Skinkle #156

This week Lisa “Larger Than Life” Lawrie and Rafael “Carte Blanche” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Andy Haynes Skied Over A 2 Lane Highway” & ” Alison’s Potato Face, Ben’s Baby Police, Instant Coffee Review”
We talk Being Cool, Brain Candy, Depressing Light Boxes, Lets Meet Tony, Realistic Baby Bodies, Chodes Revisited, Failing At Our New Segment “Word Of The Day”, Revamping How Dare You!, Descendents Overload, Shout Outs, and Call Outs!
****DISCLAIMER**** Wow, this episode…woof
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Chodes n’ BMs #155

This week Lisa Lawrie (@BFFLisaLawrie) and Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGS) discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “Gabe Liedman Will Swab A Bitch” & “Tax Time Fun Facts, Bumbling Grundles, Jordan’s Hustle”
We talk Playing Pubescent Self, Slippery Open Relationships, Facebook Tattler, Synonymously Perineum, Silly Production Co, The American Scheme and Shout Outs!
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C U N…Test #154

This week Lisa Lawrie (@BFFLisaLawrie) and Raffi “GoLightly” Castaneda (@RMCGS) discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ Shane Dawson Is Nervous” & “Alie’s Mugging, Personality Quizzes, Suzy Wetfeet”
We talk Loving The Things You Hate To Love To Hate, Nazi Two Timing, Lack Of Gay Jewelry, Rachel’s Record, Gandhi Hating Orphans, The Colonel Is Up Her Alie, Ugly Muggin’, Cookie DOH Guy, Bigger Beds and Lower Standards!
PLUS We finish up the second half of the Jung personality test, catch up on where we are in keeping our New Years resolutions, LOTs O’ Shout Out and talk next book club…yeah!
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Well Jung #153

This week Lisa Lawrie and Rafael “Negative Juan” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ “Kevin Allison Has Heard It All” & ” We Found The Commercial, Knock Out Tales, Facing Mortality”
We talk Intro Upgrades, Smothers But Brothers, Kinkster Revelations, Big Johnsons, Kellys Upgrade To “Bag Lady”, Dodgin’ Balls, Tejas Toast, Jack Offie, Rootbeer Hating Monsters and Getting STD’d!
PLUS We do half of a Personality Test…take the test along with us and tune in next week for the final results!
****Disclaimer- Mixed up Threes A Crowd With Too Close For Comfort…duh, a common and easy mistake!
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Ep. 152 Fartacus #CLII

This week Lisa “Lowry” Lawrie and Rafael “Heinie Down Sport” Castaneda discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ “Jamie Lee Will Attend Your Wedding” & “Football Phones, David’s Secret Workshop, Getting High On CBD Oil”
We talk Killer Diets, Carb…urators, Crushing, Dad Jokes, Marjority Rules, Trippin’, Shout Outs and DaveMoe’s! 
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Going So Low #151

This week Lisa Lawrie (@JMOESandBFFs) goes it alone in this BFF quickie to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~”Ginger Gonzaga Will Turn Down Your Super Lucrative Offer” & “Irish Potatoes, Postpartum Body Image, Leaving Neverland”then she does a one on one with Becki McClure (@Rajenki) to get her150th episode experience, her group recording notes and a health update.
I quickly talk Leaving Modesto, Gal Chatter, Irish Potatoes, Pricey Pedophilia, BFFancast Shoutouts, Alison’s Menu, FavMoes, Shout Outs PLUS Bonus Becki “Livin’ Laughin’ Lovin’ Episode! 
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Die,Cry,Hate #150!!!!!

The BFF celebrates our 150th episode with a group recording in Orange, California!
Lisa Lawrie (@JmoesandBffs) and Rafael Castaneda (@RMCGuitars) are joined in Discount Dining Room Studios by Dr. Jenn (@DulceCa17), “Scott” Marquez (@WatchTower96), Ray Morgan (@RayMorganIII), James Leroy Wilson (@JamesLWilson), Paul (@PaulE1138) Tryce (@TSDCX), Joanna (@Joanna_Bowman49) and Becki (@Rajenki) to discuss the @ARIYNBF episodes~ Sara Schaffer Has Discovered The Secret To Productivity” & “Owen’s Birth Story, 2 Non Flans, Candy Cousins” PLUS Childish Episode #17 “The Most Intense Sex We Ever Had”
We dive in to the Vans box for fun topics like~ Wasting Away On Social Media, Quoting Inspiration, Sneakers, Squirters, Rap Notoriously Sucks The B.I.G. One, Sexual Lactation, Thrift Store Pride, Snotty Vaginas, Shout Outs and an Alison Themed Chat Snack!
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Devil’s Threeway #147

This week Lisa Lawrie @JmoesandBffs) and Rafael “Golden Shower” Castaneda(@RMCGuitars) are joined by first timer and special guest Erin Thomas (@E_Cupcakes) to discuss the @ARIYNBF Episodes~ Marcella Arguello Has A Temper (But She Doesn’t Yell)” & “David’s Puerto Rico Saga, A Baby Update, Bird Pee: Good Or Bad Luck”
We talk Colorism, Honest Bitchery, Hometown Pride Hatred, Childish Chat, Powdered Orgasmic Sperm, Colvert Corner, Puerto Falso Rico, David’s Trippin’, Mucous Unpluggin’, Bad Apples Infecting iTunes Comments, Death By Leftovers, Poop Utes, Shout Outs and Call Outs!
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